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Breast Pumps

Top-quality Medela, Avent & Unimom breast pumps - including spare breast pump parts. For your Liquid Gold success.

Breast pumps can be confusing to the uninitiated, but we’re here to help. We carry the top-quality Medela, Avent, and Unimom ranges of breast pumps and are happy to advise you on which breast pump would suit you best.  It really  just depends on how often you’ll be using it.

We also have spare and replacement breast pump parts, breast pump hire, electric breast pumps, manual breast pumps, and double breast pumps


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  1. Lotus Yog & Pumping Bra Lotus Yog & Pumping Bra

    Lotus Hands Free Pumping Bra - Teal

    Lotus Bra is perfect for maternity and nursing; everyday wear, yoga, and best of all - HANDS Free pumping!
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    $59.99 NZD
  2. PumpEase Pumping Band PumpEase Pumping Band

    PumpEase Band

    The PumpEase bra enables hands-free pumping.  It will hold your breast pump in place securely, and is suitable for use with all types of breast pumps.

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    $69.90 NZD
  3. Expressing Bra Expressing Bra

    Medela Expressing Bra

    The Medela Easy Expression Bustier leaves your hands free while pumping, so you can do something else at the same time.

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    $79.99 NZD


3 Item(s)