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Unimom Forte Double Pump

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Unimom Forte Breast Pump  (Hospital Grade Twin Breast Pump)

The Unimom Forte Breast pump is recommended for high use, exclusive long term pumping.  This can be used as a double or single breast pump for any mums that are looking for a model that is quick and efficient.

  • -Hospital Grade Pump
  • -Suitable to use for all feeds - 6-8 times per day
  • -Hospital level strength of pumping.
  • -Can be used for single or double pumping.
  • -Mimics baby's natural suction allowing faster let down.
  • -Comfortable to use
  • -Adjustable vacuum enables optimum setting
  •  -Closed System- Back flow protection so no milk goes into motor.

When you purchase this pump we recommend you also purchase a Switch Kit so that you have the option to use as a manual pump for times of powercut or travel.

Unimom is a well known proved brand all over the world gathering excellent feedback. Researched, tested and trialed, Unimom breast pumps have achieved desired results in NZ hospitals and throughout many homes. They match the quality of top leading brands in NZ and meet hospital grade standards.

Comes with two bottles, lids, and bottle caps, breastsheild pieces, silicone massage cushions and tubes etc - everything you need to start pumping.  But teats not included. Standard, narrow neck teats from other brands will fit the bottles such as our Chu Chu teat or Universal Narrow Neck teat.

We've recorded a little demo video so that you can see and hear it

Customer Reviews 26 item(s)

Amazing pump
This pump is perfect. Takes less than 5 mins to get all the milk I need. This is my third pump (used two other brands overseas - hired from hospitals) and this is just as good as hospital ones, if not better. Delivery was fast and Franny was super helpful. Couldn’t recommend more!
Review by Cush
Perfect pump for EP!
I purchased this pump when baby was six weeks old having used a loan hospital grade pump prior to this. I was nervous giving the hospital pump back! However, I found I was able to pump a larger volume in a short timeframe with the Double Forte. Baby is now six months old and I'm still exclusively pumping without any trouble. I was concerned this could not be used with an alternative power supply (i.e. batteries) however I purchased the switch kit at the same time and use this when I need to pump away from home with equally good results.
Review by JT
A great pump
Such a great pump! Easy to assemble, clean and use. I highly recommend to get this with the switch kit (to make it manual) since it makes it more versatile if you really need to pump outside your home. It's not that noisy and comfortable to use daily.
Im very happy that Breastmates deliveried this pump quickly. They even made a note to have an "urgent" note to the courier! Really really appreciated it!
Review by KL
i love it
I just wanted to say thank you for making such a high quality yet affordable pump! I have a forte and I love it! I exclusively pump for my son and it always works great
Review by anon
Great pump
Very efficient, not too noisy. Easy to setup and to clean.
Review by Nina
Great pump
This pump has been amazing. So easy to assemble, use, and clean. It is comfortable to use frequently, very efficient, and can be used single or double sided, and the pressure is completely adjustable to suit. I highly recommend! Franny's service was also 5 star with beautiful customer care and exceptionally fast delivery.
Review by Michelle
Thank yo so quick
Easy online purchase, great communication via email regarding the order processing, shipping etc and speedy delivery. Will definately be purchasing items again.
Review by Rebecca
thank you so quick
Easy online purchase, great communication via email regarding the order processing, shipping etc and speedy delivery. Will definately be purchasing items again.
Review by rebecca
Happy Mum
Super easy to set up, comfortable to use and easy to keep clean which is fantastic!!
Definitely recommend to anyone looking at getting a breastpump.
Review by Chey.K
Really easy to use, comfortable! I love it!
Review by Nicola
very good!!
I've order a few different times from breastmates they have always been very helpful. I ordered the unimom double breast pump they were extremely helpful in helping me choose the best pump for my situation. it's a very good pump. Very happy with all my purchases. Many thanks Emily ☺
Review by Emily
I was really impressed with this pump, it is so easy to use, really comfortable and efficient. I will definitely be recommending this pump to all my pregnant friends
Review by Courtney
I love the breastpump I bought last month. I'm pumping @ work & it really made things easy as it won't take that long to get 250mls of milk. Worth the price!
Review by Shayne
very pleased
Very quick delivery, I ordered at 1pm and it was here at 8am the following morning. Great advise given through the lady on emails. I've been using this pump for a week now, its very easy to use and i'm building up a nice stash. I'm just doing it to have a supply so that my partner can do the night feed. Overall, very pleased with my purchase
Review by Nikki
im loving the unimom double breastpump its so quiet and easy to use! Also your advice on the website has been invaluable to me as a first time mum. Thanks again for your service.
Review by Connie
So much better for me to use
I bought a Unimom double pump from Fran and it was a game-changer. So much quicker (even if you use it as a single pump) and it seemed to get every last precious drop, which I guess helps boost or at least maintain supply. When I first moved to pumping I squeezed in an extra pumping session too
Review by Clare
I started with a Medela Swing single pump and was getting frustrated with the time spent pumping for a 90ml result. I brought this double pump to speed up the process and had the added bonus of better yeild too (Jumping up from 90mls t 120mls) My pumping time cut down from about 1 hour to 20 minutes.

The pump is much bigger and bulkier than the Swing but for an 'at home' pump I couldn't recommend this more - Not to mention such a great price too!
Review by Hurby3005
Great pump!
This pump has been a lifesaver for me and is the only one Ive tried that gets more than 5 measly mls! Excellent value for money!
Review by Michelle
it is the best one i've tried
The pump has been amazing!! I have tried all brands of pumps and the unimom is by far the best :) <br/>
Review by Annie
great pump
I have been expressing up to 1 litre a day with this pump for the past 3 months and would fully recommend! Great price and works so well. I brought this after using a medulla swing and. this works so much better
Review by arnica
awesome pump
I was hesitant to buy this pump after using the Medea swing and the Medea Latina Rental. This pump is amazing quick 10 minute pumping sessions now whereas on the other pumps it was taking e 20 to 30 minutes. Only difference is that medulla looks better but the unimom is a lot quieter....
Review by Jenna jensen
This is a great pump!
I've been using this pump for about 3 weeks now, having previously used a Medela single electric pump. I am experiencing much faster pumping sessions with the Unimom pump, with far greater output too. I bought this product based on online reviews - I was concerned that because it was so cheap compared to the other double electric pumps on the market, that is must have been fairly average. I was wrong!! This pump is awesome value for money, it has great suction, and I would recommend it to any mum who needs to express
Review by Rebekah
fantastic pump!
Been full time expressing with it the last two months. Good price and good pump - having a double pump is a life saver.
Review by Sarah
As a exclusive expresser for 13.5 months and its still going. I was pumping 2 litres a day!!! These are amazing!
Review by Glenda
Great pump
I LOVE this pump!!! It's comfortable, quiet, and powerful. Have owned the pump for 2 months now and I use it up to 6 times a day everyday as my baby is exclusively bottlefed. I've been told that using a double is better for your prolactin hormones which encourage milk production and noticed an increase since using the pump. Also good is that it is a closed system so it's quite easy to clean and assemble
Review by Chris
Good pump
Very pleased with it & it works great! (unlike the hospital one we have been renting). All much easier now. :)
Review by Kathryn

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