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OOOOOH check out the latest arrivals here at Breastmates... if you're browsing via this 'new' link then you'll be the most up-to-date lady in the land.  This is our summary category where we showcase the recent goodies loaded on our website, to try and make your shopping easier.  You might even spot new products that we haven't officially announced on Facebook or Insta yet! 

The majority of these are our own designs and recent projects for the Breastmates label, (maternity clothes & breastfeeding clothes) with a few little add-on's that might grab your attention too.....

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    Breastfeeding Hoodie Breastfeeding Hoodie

    Aube Hoodie - Maternity & Breastfeeding

    Our new Cotton Stretch Hoodie, will embrace you in comfort and relaxed style throughout your journey into motherhood.  A subtle colourway of musk…

  • New
    Nursing Knit (Cropped Jumper and Shirt) Nursing Knit (Cropped Jumper and Shirt)

    Layered Knit Top

    This gorgeous Layered Knit Top will be on high rotation through each stage of your pregnancy and beyond.  It looks like a cropped jumper with a s…

  • New
    Leakproof Nursing Bra Leakproof Nursing Bra

    Hotmilk Embrace Leakproof Bra

          Here at Breastmates, we LOVE it when a technology catches up to products and revolutionizes them - this one is a beauty with hidd…

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    Milkminder Cooler Bag Milkminder Cooler Bag

    Milkminder Cooler Bag

    Introducing our Milkminder Cooler Bag with Ice Pack..... Designed with your convenience in mind, this spacious and insulated bag ensures that your pre…

  • Pump Me Up - Breast Pump Starter Bundle Pump Me Up - Breast Pump Starter Bundle

    Pump Me Up - Breast Pump Starter Bundle

    Pump Me Up: Breast Pump Starter Bundle Whether you're planning to return to work, share the feeding responsibilities, or simply want to have a stash o…