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Silicone Breast Pump & Cover

$29.90 NZD

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A simple yet efficient little gadget to help collect your precious liquid gold.  Made from soft, flexible silicone, this breast pump is all-in-one piece so there are no little parts to assemble- it just works on suction action.

Just put it up to your breast and give a little squeeze on the bottle to create a suction seal.  This draws your nipple out gently and catches your milk let down.  You can continue to manually pump by squeezing the bottle in and out.  OR if you are breastfeeding your baby on one side - then put this on the other breast and it will catch your milk letdown after you create the first initial suction.    The milk that would otherwise soak into a breast pad and be unusable. 

Recommended for occasional expressing, light manual pumping, to relieve engorgement, or to catch feeding letdown while you feed baby from the other breast.

Catch your milk - you'll be surprised how much you can accumulate at each feed!  This is the PERFECT little pump to use to catch all your precious Liquid Gold.  FRANNY's Tip:  Pour your collected milk into our Breast Milk Storage Bags and freeze 

Includes a Free Cover  to keep contents sterile
  • -suitable for daily use
  • -includes free cover
  • -easy to use
  • -fits any breast size
  • -no parts to assemble
  • -small
  • -made from 100% food grade silicone
  • -bpa free
  • -90ml capacity


Watch our demo video to see how easy it is to use

We have more video on our youtube channel with a mum and baby using the pump: 

How to Use Silicone Breast Pump and Flip Method of Attaching

Mother Applying Silicone Breast Pump and Feeling Suction (using flip method)


Clean after each use. This product can be sterilised with any steam sterilising system, boiling water, or top shelf dishwasher.  No bleach based agents.

This is not a Haakaa pump but is our own Breastmates brand.


Customer Reviews 35 item(s)

always so quick
Brought clothes, pumps and milk storage from breastmates never disappointed delivery was overnight arrived the next day. Super happy with everything highly recommended for any of mums needs.
Review by D.T
great service
Have made a couple of purchases now & so happy with both. Great customer service, quick delivery & great products (breastpump & wrap). Thanks heaps
Review by Kristy
very handy
very handy
Review by shao
My silicone pump arrived thus this afternoon and for 2 feeds just by having it on my opposite breast when feeding I've collected about twice the amount of milk I would have using my avent breast shield collectors and my electronic pump! I'm amazed!
Review by Clare
I have ordered twice from Breastmates and received both my orders the next business day. They are now my go to site for anything I need urgently. Highly recommend �
Review by Joanne
Genius invention!
This product is amazing! Have found particularly useful when getting out of the shower & leaking. Im managing to store some from this brilliant device!!
Review by Bramble
More Milk
Just wanted to let you know that I consistently get more milk off your silicone breast pump than using my electric medela. Not sure why, I keep testing it but out performs every time!
Review by Kaylee
The silicone breast pump is amazing I’ve recommended it to 2 of my sisters... thank you so much
Review by Amal
Perfect for let down
Was losing precious drops and got recommended this by my midwife. Great quality, takes a few tries to "latch" to create a vacuum then you're away!
Review by Jujumoo
So good!
Fantastic product! So easy to use, easy to transport and easy to clean.
Review by Vanessa
just got 50 mls!
Just wanted to say thanks for the great quick service!
Received my order today, the top is beautiful and fits perfectly but I'm most excited about the silicone pump, I have a $300 electric pump that does nothing for me and I just got 50mls from one feed! Very happy customer! Already looking at what else I can buy!

Review by Lisa
Loved this product! As a low producing mum this was really easy to use and as an added bonus hands free, while feeding my little one I could pop it on the alternate side and get 90mls minium easily.
Review by Janeen
This thing is amazing!
I was sceptical about how this would work, but four weeks post-partum I have been so pleased I'm now recommending it wherever I can - and haven't even touched my Medela! Last night I got 5oz in half an hour. No obnoxious noise and I can have it on one breast while feeding with other. And it's so freaking easy to clean. Love, love, love.
Review by Ellen
Having issues with milk supply, I have donor milk from another kind mum, who has abundance. So I bought this for collecting easily milk for us while feeding her baby. She was pleased how easy it is, saving her time and effort and she still can help us! Hopefully I'll use my own pump soon too:)
Review by Heleji
i'm getting more!!
hey i recieved my pump last night so impressed with getting so much more than i was with my mini electric medela pump and i was getting enough for my son in scbu but after using it all day today have a nice little stash i for him
Review by Kayla
Great pump!
I find this silicone breast pump easy to use-- it's easy to use and I love the hands-free aspect. My daughter occasionally sleeps through the night, and I can pump off the extra milk while having breakfast, just "latch" it on and forget about it!
Review by Jessica
Amazing must have
So easy to use. I catch my letdown every feed and save the milk for a "rainy day" definitely get the flower stopper/lid thing tho! Then there is definitely no crying over spilt milk!!
Review by Bex
I love this pump
Its so handy and portable. It collects so much milk that would usually be wasted into the nursing pad
Review by Rosie
highly recommended
Amazing! I am able to build up a freezer supply just by catching milk that would have been wasted. Such a great product, wish I had had it for my first two babies as well! Highly recommended, especially if you have trouble pumping.
Review by Tracey
I have loved using this product - it's so easy to use for expressing - best part is the quick clean and sterilise without all the fiddly bits of a pump plus it's really portable and can be used whilst you get other things done
Review by Rebecca
I would like to thank you for the quick delivery. This was recommended by my lactation specialist.. just used it and totally stoked with how well it works.
Review by Linday
Money well spent
Totally recommend this pump. My favourite thing about it is that it's so easy to use - basically hands free!. Give it a squeeze, make sure it's suctioned on properly and forget about it for a while, just needs a squeeze from time to time as it fills up. I use it on the spare boob while feeding from the other (making use of let down), so convenient.
Review by Kellie
So handy!
This pump is great for taking some milk off the top before I feed when my breasts are really full. Helps bubba to latch, reduces the flow and means nothing is wasted. So easy to clean and handy for taking out and about.
Review by Kate
It is awesome I love it much easier and convenient that the one I was using before.
Review by Aldana
Thank you
Thank you so much for my goodies. They arrived the very next morning (& to a rural delivery address)!
I am super impressed with your service & speed, whatever you're doing, you're doing it awesomely.
Best online shopping experience ever & I will definitely be recommending you to friends
Review by Tracey
so easy to use
I just wanted to say thank you so much for this Breast Pump. I have had it for 6 weeks now and it is amazing! Very easy to use, just pop it on the opposite side whilst breastfeeding and it does all the work for you! It took a few goes to get the right suction but once I had that figured out it was easy peasy!
Review by Ange
Thank you
I love my new pump! I have a one week old and it has been a godsend for let down and pumping off excess milk!
Review by Danielle
Best invention ever
I highly recommend it!! Best invention ever!! I use it some mornings when I wake up before baby and boob's so full I feel they are gonna explode. So I attach pump while having morning coffee! And that way she doesn't choke on the first morning milk flow!
Review by Chandahl
so good!
I already have one of these and just wanna say they are bloody amazing! Sometimes you just can't be bothered hooking up the electric pump but this is so good.
Review by Ashley
This pump is awesome!
Thankyou, I got my one today and learnt I was losing over 1oz from my boob that I wasn't feeding on and that was with only a 10 minute feed!
Review by Laura
Glad I got one
Best time to use it is first feed in the morning when boobs are really full, really works at catching let down I usually get 50-70ml on one side ! Easy to use easy to clean
Review by Nichola
I'll Rave about it!
I have to rave! I've pumped about 100 litres with it in the last four months! I love it! I use a mixture of techniques with this pump. Sometimes I put dude on, get the let down and switch him over while I pump that side, sometimes I pump one side while he feeds and lots of times I just manually pump. I work from home, so often during nap time I just suction it on, leave it, do a bit of typing and before I know it it's time to empty and go again!
Review by Natalie
I love love love mine. So quick and can fit in any bag and be cleaned so easy. Best of all super cheap
Review by Amanda
Top 5!
This pump is great. I wish I'd had one with my first baby. Funnily enough I was just compiling a mental list of my top 5 baby products whilst feeding my son last night... This pump and your reusable breast pads make the list
Review by Kirstie
This is AMAZING!
I tried both electric / hand pump for weeks and could only get 30ml max in an hour. With this I get 50ml in less than 10min! So good!!
Review by Alicia

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