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Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast Pump

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Unimom Mezzo Manual Breast Pump

Ideally suited to those mothers that just need to express occasionally or to relieve engorgement.  If you are planning to pump frequently, we would recommend that you consider an electric pump rather than manual.

This Unimom Mezzo Manual Pump

  • - Non Slip rubber handle for easier grip
  • - Has a direct flow of milk from the breast shield to the bottle for maximum hygiene
  • - Silicone massager included for extra comfort, milk let down stimulation and a warmer feel.
  • - Easy to assemble, use and clean

Teats not included (so try our Chu Chu teat)

We've recorded a little demo video so that you can see how to work it

Customer Reviews 9 item(s)

Easy, Comfortable & Efficient
Great, easy to use and clean. Have used a different brand pump in the past but have found this one to be far more easy to express with - achieve greater amount of milk in far less time.
Review by Frances
Prefer this pump over my electric pump, great fit and I seem to get more milk in less time with it. I've tried many pumps with my first baby and now with my second and have gone back to this simple affordable little pump. Easy to clean, comfortable to use and time saving, I would definitely recommend it.
Review by Kate
Better than the expensive brands!
Love this breast pump so much! Works better than the expensive brands I've tried for a fraction of the price. Definitely recommend.
Review by Lavinia
Easy for good price
Very easy pump for great price! I coose it after returning hired electric double pump and was afraid how much more time and effort will this take. But not! I just pump easily 60 ml in 10min (having issues with milk supply), so it's easy to "keep breast going" whne baby sleeps and have some extra snack for the baby:)
Review by Heleji
comfortable pump!
I have received my Unimom Breast pump and I love that it is comfortable to use and easy to clean.. And also delivery was very efficient. Thank you..
Review by MR
Awsum useful
Awsum and very easy to pump...
Review by Jass
comfortable to use
I've been using this after breastfeeding my baby, just to build up a supply of milk in the freezer so that my husband can feed by daughter if i go out. Finding it comfortable and easy.
Review by K M
great price thx
This pump works really well for me, I think it was a great price too. Quick delivery. happy customer here.
Review by Aroha
This is a nice little pump, it suits my needs and I'm happy i got it. I was previously using a pump that i got at the supermarket but it didn't work very well and even hurt. This pump is easy to use, and I'm getting about 70 mils each time. Pumping is no so bad anymore.
Review by Jas

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