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Manual Breast Pumps


Avent Manual Breast Pump





Please refer to this new weblink for the new version of Avent Comfort Manual Pump now available

This classic manual breast pump described below is now a discontinued product, but we still have spare parts available.  Guide to Spare Parts

Avent Manual Breast Pump

Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump naturally and gently imitates baby's suckling patterns with a patented let-down massage cushion for fast milk flow.


  • 1 Manual Breast Pump, classic model
  • 1 125mL BPA-Free Philips AVENT Natural Feeding Bottle
  • 1 Newborn Teat
  • 1 sealing disc for milk storage
  • 1 dome cap
  • 1 spare Valve

All other teats, bottles, and spare parts for breast pump are available at our online store separately.

We recommend this Breast Pump for light use, short-term or occasional. To help increase milk supply, or to relieve breast engorgement or infection.

These are comfortable, quiet and easy to assemble. This is a great little breast pump if you need to express occasionally, for the occasional missed feed with baby, or to relieve breast engorgement.

Please do not rely on a manual breast pump if you need to express frequently.

This is the classic manual breast pump that Avent are famous for.

Manufacturer:  Philips Avent
Materials:  BPA Free (Polypropylene)



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Great pump

I love the Avent Manual Pump. Very comfortable and easy to operate. I also have the electric fitting but personally get more milk quicker with the manual fitting! You can pump at your own speed and hold suction when you get a good spurt of milk. Recommend this pump to all.


Awesome pump, so easy to use, expresses milk quickly and comfortably. Your in complete control of suction level and speed, if your having problems breast feeding directly or need to give your sore breasts a break this is what you need!


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