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Wool Breast Pads

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Lanowool Breastfeeding Pads  (1 pair)

Made in New Zealand with 100% Certified Organic Wool.

Lanowool breastfeeding pads are designed for mothers with newborn babies designed to give comfort and healing.

Lanowool Breastfeeding pads are very unique as they are made from Certified Organic Merino wool and contain highly purified medical-grade lanolin, creating the optimal environment for breast care prior to birth and during nursing.

The Lanowool breast pads help provide the best breast and nipple conditions for successful breastfeeding.

  • Very fine breathable merino wool that will not stick or adhere to sore breasts
  • Very soothing and comfortable to wear
  • Wool is an insulator of your natural body temperature, not a "heater"
  • 100% parabenfree material and a 100% certified organic breast pad
  • Also fantastic women that suffer Raynard's Syndrome (vasospasm)
  • Regular Size Pads 12 cm diameter
  • Large Size Pads 15cm diameter

Most women need only 2-3 pairs for the entire nursing period. When one pair feels wet, let it dry while wearing the second pair.

Wash by hand in lukewarm water with mild wool soap (such as Lux flakes)

1 pair per pack.

**Franny's Note: These offer a light absorption for mild milk leakage, but they provide great conditions for nipples.  So you may need to double up and put another pair of breastpads behind these so at least you have the wool next to your skin.  If you have heavier milk leakage, we recommend the Breastmates Reusable Pads.

Manufacturer:  Lanowool
Materials:  100% New Zealand Made with Certified Organic Wool

Customer Reviews 21 item(s)

Great quality, woollen pads! I am using these pre-baby as I already have issues with raynaud's. They have been great so far and help save the environment from plastic packaging! Prompt delivery too.
Review by Janine
Highly recommend woollen breast pads, I wish I had known about these sooner! Warm boobs & nipples make all the difference to breastfeeding...and the best part is you don't stick to them like other varieties!!!
Review by Sara
Great product
Wonderful product. Nice and big so they don't slide around in your bra. Really warm and don't stick or feel uncomfortable
Review by Ellen
Does exactly what it says, keeps nipples warm (Great for raynauds) and soaks up small leaks. I especially appreciate the size as I'm on the voluminous side!!
Review by Lili
Quslity product
I found these breastpads to be very comfortable and a helpful part of managing vasospasm/Reynauds. The customer service was fantastic as well, fixing an error that I made when placing my order without hassle.
Review by Sarah
Great product
Great product, really happy with them. Have got 2 pairs, and they keep my breasts/nipples very comfortable
Review by Alien
Great product
I highly recommend!! Helped hugely with vasospasm and just made breastfeeding so much more comfortable!! So glad I bought these
Review by Neisha
Great feel not great soakage
I love these breastpads because they are so soft especially in the early days with sore nipples. I've purchased them for friends too because they feel so good. I have really leaky boobs so need to wear disposable breastpads on my bra also but these are much nicer against the breast than those paper liners which i have to use to soak up the milk!
Review by Charlie
Better than breast warmers for Nipple Vasospasm
I find these work better than the breast warmers with reflective coating for reducing pain associated with nipple vasospasm. They are also more absorbent and tend to need washing less often, and they are a generous size. I love mine, wear them 24/7 and will be getting a second pair!
Review by Susie
super quick
I ordered merino breastfeeding pads on Thursdsy afternoon and they arrived by midday Friday... Thankyou so much!
Review by Bec
Awesome product
These breast pads are great. I need the warmth for my raynaud's and these have been amazing.
Review by Tracy
very happy
Very happy with the woollen and bamboo breast pads. Work brilliantly and the woollen ones are toasty warm in winter!! Also dry quickly after washing.
Review by i.k
i ordered the Lanowool breast pads on recommendation and i'm very happy with how they feel, sit/wear and keep my breasts dry. But they do leak so i tend to wear them at home only, not when going out. I think the Lanowool ones I will really enjoy in winter when wearing more layers and when the milk supply is more established and i don't have as much leaking milk (my baby is only 5 weeks old now).
Review by Anne
Lanowool breast pads
I get spasms in the blood supply to my nipples, or raynands. It kept me up at nights and was really affecting me. I brought these and have found them to really work. I am also on nifedipine but there was one day I didn't wear them and I got more pain... So I'm a firm believer they work. Also good fast service - thanks.
Review by Robin
Lanowool Breast Pads
Love these breast pads. I too suffer from raynaud's/vasospasm of the nipple and these gave me almost instant relief. So yummy and soft and warm, no sticking to my sore nips! Unfortunately I do soak through them but I have huge amounts of milk and soak through disposable breast pads too... so I will deal with it for the comfort that these provide. Thanks for such a speedy and friendly service =)
Review by Kate
Wool breast pads
Love these breast pads although I do leak through. They are so gentle in the early days when nipples can be really tender. They don't stick like I have had some of them do.
Review by Danielle
breast pads
Didn't work for me I have quite a strong letdown, leaked right through these straight away
Review by Nat
Breast pads
These are great! I suffer from Raynaud's and these have been a great help to me. I bought 4 pairs and wear them day and night, and I imagine that I will continue to do so after I stop breastfeeding. Great service too - they arrived the very next day.
Review by Elizabeth
breast pads
These breast pads are amazing! They don't stick like the disposable pads and are just so comfortable.
Review by Lisa
Breast Pads
Lovely non abrasive and soft. Quick and easy to hand wash and dry. Perfect for the breasts when they are very tender. Highly recommended.
Review by Corrine
Breast pads
amazing amazing amazing !!! with very tight & hot breasts these soft gentle breast pads were perfect...- & I really hated unwrapping the plastic on each breast pad for the bought ones.., and didn't like plastic so close to baby either. Handwash only will just be in the shower in the morning. I am buying more for me today & for a friend too I think. thank you so so much what a great product !
Review by Rebecca

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