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Boob Gel Heat Packs

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Our Boob Heat Packs can help stimulate and soothe.  Ideal for providing relief for breastfeeding mums, choose if you use them warm or chilled.    With a special petal shape to contour around your breast and nipple, to wear inside your bra.

Heat packs deliver warm, moist heat to tender breasts which encourages milk flow, promotes let-down, relieves engorgement, maintains open milk ducts and provides comfort for infection or mastitis.   Alternatively you may prefer cold therapy can relieve engorgement, sooth pain and reduce swelling.

- two gel pads

- reusable

- washable

- can go in the freezer or microwave

- come with 2 cotton sleeves

- wheat free

For heat therapy: wrap gel pads in a moist paper towel or cloth and microwave at 15 second intervals for what feels comforable.  Place inside cotton cover and then aply to breasts.  Use for 20 minutes before breastfeeding or pumping (but not during).

For cold relief: Remove the cotton cover and store gel pads in the freezer.   When required, remove from freezer and run under cold water to make the pads flexible.   Dry then place inside cotton covers, and apply to breasts.

Bonus: Use as a heat pack to warm baby's bedding, period pain, body aches.   Use cool pack on injuries like bee stings, swelling, sprains, and you can even use to massage your cheeks and tired eyes.

Contents: Glycerin, Water, Cellulose Gum.    2 Gel Pads.   2 Cotton Covers

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