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Breastmates Breast Pads (Multipack)

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Reusable Nursing Pads - Multipack 3 Pairs

These mum-friendly, eco-friendly nursing pads have been used and loved by breastfeeding mothers from all over the country since we first began making them in 2004, and as one of the founding products of our business these little gems are very close to our hearts (sometimes literally!)

Our re-usable nursing pads are all about sustainability, both for the environment and your wallet, because after buying a pack of them you'll never have to buy disposable breast pads again.

If that alone wasn't enough, here are a few more reasons why these breastpads are amazing:

  • They're made using super-absorbent bamboo which means they're slim, unobtrusive and prevent any embarrassing leakages or stains on your clothing.
  • An outer layer of waterproof-coated material prevents leaks, yet remains breathable for your comfort.
  • They have a microfleece side that's super soft, so you won't be troubled by itching, irritation, or stickiness.
  • They retain a feeling of dryness regardless of how wet they get, so there's no uncomfortable damp or squishy feeling.
  • They get better with age - the absorbency of these pads increases with every wash!
  • They're machine washable and can go in the dryer too, so they're super easy to clean and care for.


One size fits most.  Diameter 11cm

Sold in a multipack of 3 pairs (6 pads) ~ one to wear, one in the wash, one spare.

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Manufacturer:  Breastmates
Originally our Hemp Breast Pads were our founding product at Breastmates. Now we use Bamboo as the absorption layer as it performs better.

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Customer Reviews 55 item(s)

Soft, absorbent, easy to wash
These are amazing. I use them everyday and they wash well. Super comfortable. Bought 2 packs!
Review by Carla
Wish I’d found these earlier than baby #4!
I had to order a second pack of these as they are brilliant! I have very sensitive skin and have had none of the problems I’ve had with other reusable pads.
Review by Ruth
Just buy these!
I'm just stoked these were the first breast pads I ever bought, because they're awesome. I had to order a second pack after my daughter was born because my let down is pretty strong and I needed to wear a pair at all times. No leaks, never feel wet or uncomfortable. No waking up in a puddle of milk! They're all still in great condition after some heavy use over the last five months, I just wash them with all the rest of my clothes and line dry. Thanks so much, they are just brilliant.
Review by Sarah
Very quick
Thank you for suuper quick service! I ordered these yesterday and they were dropped off this morning! Very impressed.

Anyways, all that to say thanks heaps!!
Also, I have 2 of your nursing friendly dresses that I love and they are onto their second baby worth of wear.
Review by Elle
Comfortable, soft and dry against the skin
I love these breast pads! I have a few other reusables (straight cotton, and merino) but these are always my first pick out of the drawer. The fleece against the skin helps them feel dry - there's none of that icky wet, cold feeling when I take them out to nurse and put them back on again. They are super absorbent, and I have quite a strong let-down when I nurse and overnight. I highly recommend them!
Review by Sophie
Fantastic breast pads
Love these breast pads! They are comfortable and do there job. They also get softer with washing.
Review by Juliette
Best Reusable Breast Pads
These are brilliant! Far superior to any other reusable pads I tried. I did try various (expensive) natural organic cotton ones, but I just soaked through them in seconds, which made them kind of pointless, and they seemed to slip about and were not super comfortable. I had started using disposables but they can be a bit rough and I just seemed to tear through them, which adds up. I can't even remember now what made me purchase these. Maybe all the great reviews? Anyway, I'm so glad I did. I would probably get two boxes if I was to go back in time. If I have another baby I will definitely treat myself to another box. So soft and comfortable and easy care. Also, shopping from Breastmates is such a nice experience. Franny offers exceptional customer service and high quality products, so it feels like a good place to spend your hard earned money.
Review by Jen
they are awesome!
I leak so much I never thought they'd work but they do and it saves heaps!
Review by Gabby
Should have had these from the start!
Very happy with these. I thought that because they don't have anything sticky on them like disposable ones, that they'd shift around, but they don't. Wish I'd got 2 packs, as I'm having to order more, so I don't have to do washing as often.
Review by Kylie
Highly recommended
Bought these to use with my first baby, and pleased to say they are still going strong with my second baby. I have a strong let down - I have only have to think about breastfeeding for the milk to start flowing, have never had any problems while using these with any leakage onto my clothes, and they don't show through the bra either. My Tip for young players - buy two packs!
Review by Emma
Couldn't live without
After going through three packets of reusable breast pads in the first 4 weeks of our babies life I found they were rough and drying my nipples not to mention pricey and after one use they were going to land fill... since I brought breastmates breast pads I won't go back, they are so soft and very absorbent and easy care. Thank you Franny :-)
Review by Sammy
Best product
Great product - much nicer, more absorbent, and less leaky than disposables. I had real issues with leakage until I found this product. Definitely need 2 packs to keep up though.
Review by Sharn
Highly recommended
These are lovely and soft and feel much nicer than the disposable breast pads you can buy, not to mention they work out much cheaper.
Review by Sarah
Breastpads are perfect!
The Breastmates washable breastpads are so soft on my skin, not to mention better for the environment! They are also more discreet inside a bra than some of the disposable brands I have tried. I am still using the set of three that I bought for my first child and have just bought a second set. I recommend these to all my friends who become mums.
Review by Julia
Great product
I don't know why I didn't think of using reusable pads from the beginning! After spending a small fortune on disposables I decided to give these ago and haven't looked back. They are very absorbent, comfortable and cover everything nicely inside the bra. Another fantastic product Franny! :-)
Review by Aimee
i really like them
I will definitely recommend to friends, as I have tried out these pads already and they are sooooo much better than the disposables I was using.
Review by Shannon
very absorbent
I just made a small purchase of breast pads but yes I was very happy with the service and they are very effective. they're far more absorbent than disposable ones and more comfortable. I will buy some more too because I think 6 pairs would be better.
Review by Sarah
Great pads, no problems
These were the first pads I bought, I didn't ever use disposable ones. My baby is 4 weeks old now and I've not had any problems with leakage. They are super easy to throw in the wash and dry on the line quickly. They have been a good investment :)
Review by Apoxia
Very comfortable
I have had leaky boobs since around 20 weeks (and my baby is still not born yet!), so have been through quite a few different types of disposable breast pads. I'm very happy to find something reusable -am not filling up the rubbish bin so fast, and have found these pads to be very comfortable -in fact I hardly notice I'm wearing them. They generally stay in place much better too, but I do need to wear a sleeping bra to keep them in place overnight. They're also very easy to wash and dry quickly.
Review by Carlene
Love Them
I have been using disposable breast pads from day one and was rather unsure about Breastmate as I brought another well known reusable brand before (and was very dissapointed by the quality). But Franny's product deserve their name-sake. No sticky nipples, no bad smell and I'm so comfortable. I do have a bit of wet bra every now and then but if you have an oversupply issue it really cant be help.
Review by Varisa
Love these!
Great product for a great price! Warm, comfy, absorbent.
Review by Nicole
FINALLY a breast pad that is damned near perfect!
After using just about every breast pad (reusable & disposable) available I finally found these. Thank you. I have just placed an order for another set. SO comfortable, no nipple sticking to pad, breathable, no leakage, amazing absorbency, easy to throw in washing machine & dryer, big enough to not move around and fall off nipple area, small enough to fit in bra, no wet bed and no wet tops. Thank you!
Review by Charlie
Amazing service, and the pads are great. Highly recommend them as an alternative/cost effective to disposables, really soft and absorbent. Will be buying another set when we have another baby, because they're just really handy.
Review by Busty mumma
The best
Thanks so much for the fast delivery, the pads arrived safe and sound! I love these pads, they're the 2nd set I've got, and nothing compares... not even close! I had parents group today, so told all the breastfeeding mums to check out your website.
Review by Alice
Best breastpads on market!
I brought these when my daughter arrived 4 months ago and have used them everyday since. We were away the other week and I didn't pack all 3 pairs and ended up buying another brand, needless to say I ended up with a soggy t-shirt in town for all to see! So to avoid this happening again I am about to order a back-up set to have in the car and nappy bag!! Thanks Franny for a great products.
Review by Keren
I was spending a small fortune on disposable breast pads until I discovered these washable ones, and I haven't looked back, they are great. I seem to have quite a good supply and leak a lot, and these haven't let me down day or night."
Review by Monique
So Surprised
When I first ordered these pads after having tried numerous cheaper ones I have to admit I was rather sceptical and loath to fork out this much money. But I was so surprised how much better they are than all the others I've tried! Totally worth the money, so comfy, dry super quick and saved me so much hassle that I ordered more and some as a gift for my friend, who then asked me to order her more. I only use these breast pads now. I am a 14ff these days so regular is the best size for me. Well done Franny, a brilliant product.
Review by Kimberley
Finally have comfy breasts!
So much happier with these pads tucked into my bra instead of disposables, my breasts are now staying comfy and dry! Also the night ones are great as was putting in double disposables and still having to change during the night - these big night ones are much better!
Review by Anna
Great breastpads
These are really comfy absorbent breast pads.
Review by Jo
I've tried a number of types of breast pads and these are the best by far! I breast fed one baby for 13 months and the second for 4 months so far, and the first set are still going strong. I've just treated myself to a second set. Thanks!
Review by Jane
so soft
In the first leaky stage I used disposable pads, I had extreme flow, but now that things have settled down I'm using these pads , they are soft and fluffy and just as absorbant as they say! You can fly through pads so make sure you stock up on them pre birth, or have reusables that can be easily washed on hand!
Review by Sophie
Excellent product
After my milk supply settled down after the first few weeks I was able to enjoy wearing these breast pads day and night with only the occasional leakage. Really comfortable, easy to wash and wear. Would definitely recommend.
Review by Rach
really good
These are the best breastpads I've used, better than all the wool/silk/cotton ones I've tried! Comfy and easy to wash. Buy some!!
Review by Katherine
The best breast pads around for sure! Love them.
These are truly I believe the best breast pads around. I leak milk all the time which I find really frustrating and with my first baby put up with feeling wet all the time, leaking through to my clothes and leaking onto the sheets at night using ones from one of the major retail chain stores. I thought that was just how it had to be as they were recommended by the shop assistant as a good brand/product, so I constantly felt disgusting. I tried these Breastmates Breast Pads a month back after just having my second baby and have since purchased a second set also as they are AMAZING - I can wear one lot all day and still feel dry. They are so comfortable and super absorbent, and have been through the wash many times already. I can not recommend these enough - they are the ones to buy! Occasionally I have grabbed my prior brand of breast pads and they feel wet almost instantly (I really should just throw them out). Mums you will not go wrong with this product :)
Review by Rebecca
Amazing value, was going through disposable breastpads quite quickly and they're not only a good way of saving money but also super soft and convenient. Easy to wash and dry and have not had any leakage either.
Review by Leeza
Great everyday option
These are really great breast pads, they can hold so much without leaking anything. Quick to dry and not to thick.
Review by Danielle
These pads are super comfortable and dry quickly after washing - So pleased I stopped using the uncomfortable disposables. And the fact you get 3 sets means you always have a spare pair! Thanks
Review by Nicky
Best I've found
I have found these to be such a great product. I have tried a number of different washable breastpads and these are the best I have come across and the only washable ones I have found that don't leak. Also great service.
Review by Sarah
Brilliant product - I love these
These are fabulous, since using them I've saved heaps on buying the pigeon disposables. Have never had any problems with leaking and would definitely recommend. As usual received fabulous service from Franny. Thanks again!
Review by Renee
Great on the wallet!
I started off using disposable pads because I didnt realise reusable ones were available. Disposable pads cost me $7 per box of 10 pairs and I went through 3 boxes and needed more. These were perfect and so much more comfortable! I have saved heaps since buying these!
Review by Hayley
These are great
These breast pads are great, they are comfortable and really absorbant I found they are better than regular breast pads!
Review by Mel
Breastmates Breastpads
Absolutely fabulous! Love the silky softness, so comfortable, which is just what you want if you're a bit sore from feeding!
Review by SERAPHIM
Best Pads ever!!
I bought these after trying a number of others, these are the only ones to be absorbent enough to deal with the "cup runneth over" situation my bubs often finds himself in. They are also thin enought that you can wear under a normal close fitting T-Shirt and its not obvious you have them on.
Review by Raewyn
I was spending megabucks on disposable pads, so decided to invest in washable pads, best investment I ever mae!! These pads are awesome, highly recommend!!!
Review by Shannon
Love these
So this time around I am ordering more! Got one pair last baby, and one of wool... the wool just soak through and soak everything, and leave wool on your nipples to boot. These are awesome and absorb heaps. The last pair are still in really good condition... but i need some more pairs.
Review by Emily (a different 1)
Great product, great service
My third order! So great for gifts and for yourself :) Such great service from Breastmates and very fast delivery.
Review by Emily
Loving these Breastpads!
I'm in love with my new breastpads! Lovely feel against the skin, very soft and flexible and best of all - no leaks!!! I always use disposable pads initially and then went on to cotton ones but the other side would always leak at every feed and I'd have that obvious wet top - yuck! Not one leak with these ones yet. :-)
Review by Lisa
I found these recommended on another website and thought I'd give them a go. They're very soft, comfortable and so much nicer than the disposables I was using initially. I have leaked a couple of times, but only when the supply/demand system gets out of whack (miss deciding to sleep through the night, for example..!)
Review by Maree
Hemp Breast Pads
I've just had my second baby & have needed to splash out on new nursing bras as my old ones are stretched & just not supporting me very well. I HATE bra shopping, so have been so thankful for this website! The sizing chart enabled me to order the correct size - bra shopping has never been easier! <br/> Whilst browsing the site I noticed the hemp breast pads & thought I'd try them out as my old cotton ones were no good for my amazing let down (particularly annoying when hearing other crying babies in the supermarket & leaking everywhere!!) The hemp pas are amazing - I wish I had them first time round! They are so comfy to wear with the microfleece & really do stop those leaks. I have shown my midwife & asked her to recommend them to other mums with leaking problems & passed on your web address.
Review by Kelly
Best breast pads!!
These are truely the best breast pads I have used. I used a lot of others but always had leaks ( I had a strong let-down!). These pads are so soft and the waterproof backing helps prevent leaks. So good I gave them to other preggy friends for baby showers.
Review by Sara
Highly recommended!
These are the most amazing breastpads! I had actually gone out and brought new pyjamas as I was constantly washing all my other ones due to being soaked every night while wearing the cotton breast pads. Going into winter I was not looking forward to waking up soaked and cold. Once I tried these hemp breastpads I realised I hadn't needed too, they are so absorbant, comfortable on the breast, easy and quick to clean and dry. I wish I had them in the early days when my nipples were cracked and sore, still I'll have them for the next time. I'm recommending them to all my friends and family having babies. They'll make a great gift for a baby shower along with some lansinoh nipple cream.
Review by Kate
These Rock!
These are great breast pads!! I leak HEAPS as have a very fast letdown. Cotton pads were useless, wet tops all the time and far too expensive to use disposables all the time (by the way pidgeon disposables are hreat). Have been using these for a couple of months now and no wet spots on my tops at all!! Would recommend them to anyone.
Review by Kirsten
Love these...
As exciting as breast pads are, I absolutely love these. I bought them for my first and used while I was breastfeeding and have used them so far for five months for my second. They are thrown in the wash and hung out to dry and do not look any worse for wear. Have not had any leaks with them. They are so soft and comfortable and hard wearing.... even when wet the feel dry to the touch. Not only have they saved me from embarassing leaks they have saved my wallet too!!
Review by Boyz
Best find!!
These are so fantastic, I had super leaky boobs with my daughter but found these were the best. I felt nice and dry even after an all nighter. They are nice, lightweight and discreet..
Review by Cath
Soo soft compared to cotton ones
These are my favourite! I have a whole bunch of cotton ones but now am going to replace them all with these in time as they are just soooo soft, absorbent and comfortable.
Review by Jess

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