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Unimom Nipple Shield

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Nipple shields are to wear while feeding your baby - at those early times when your nipple is damaged and too sore to feed from directly.    It simply provides a thin barrier between the baby’s mouth and your nipple - to try and reduce pain and further damage.     

The nipple shield sits over your nipple like a teat, and baby sucks the nipple with the covering on. Mum's use this until their nipple is healed and ready to try feeding from again.

Made of thin soft silicone that does not interfere with stimulation. These are an effective breastfeeding aid when nipples are flat, sensitive or wounded, for feeding a premature, small or ill infant, or when trying to wean a bottle fed baby back to the breast.


Rub some breast milk on the nipple shield, to give it a smell your baby is familar with.
Place the shield on your nipple with the larger curved side facing down toward baby's chin.
Press it down and smooth the edges with your fingers.

What size to buy?

You need to consider the size of your baby's mouth and the size of your nipple and modify the size to accommodate your nipple. Guidance from your Lactation Consultant or LMC is recommended.    Unimom has size Medium 15mm, and Large 20mm available

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