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Nursing Covers

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Nursing Covers

This breastfeeding cover allows you the freedom to breastfeed or pump whenever you need to, wherever you need to. No more trying to find a little corner to feed in discreetly. No more shuffling through your layers of clothing trying to keep covered. With this cover you can feed when your baby needs to, no matter where you are or who you're with.

The rigid neckline keeps baby's face uncovered so that you can still see baby while feeding, keeping mum to baby eye contact, while making sure feeding is going ok. You just need to look downward and you'll have your own private view. (You could lift your clothing up and be naked underneath and no-one would know!)

Great for mums that need to pump.

The nursing cover gives you freedom and confidence, without worrying about prying eyes or feeling uncomfortable when feeding!!

100% instant privacy!!

To use simply hold onto baby and place the nursing cover over your head. The specially designed neckline on the nursing cover enables you to look down and see what you are doing to latch baby, without anyone else seeing. You don't need to be discreet underneath the nursing cover.

100% cotton

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