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Medela Nipple Shields

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Medela Nipple Shields

If you're buying these, then we understand that you might be having a painful time breastfeeding and we want to send you all the good vibes to get through this tricky stage.

Nipple shields are for temporary use to help you survive breastfeeding through sore, painful, cracked or flat nipples.    Nipple shields can also help with latch-on difficulties. Once you have breastfeeding established and it is pain-free, then you can stop using the nipple shields.

- Special contour and open section which allows maximum skin contact between mother and baby

- Made from ultra thin, soft, non toxic silicone

- Odourless and tasteless, so that baby won't notice

- Each pair of nipple shields comes with a convenient box for hygienic storage

These are available in three sizes, though the vast majority of mothers will be the size medium (20mm).   Please refer to the sizing tab where Franny has put more detailed information on how to measure your size; and there's also a demo video on how to use them.

Size Calculation

Nipples come in all shapes and sizes, and it's not related to breast size.  If you are using a nipple shield it is important that you are using the right size.  The correct size should be a close but comfortable fit around the widest part at the base of your nipple.  And there should be NO forcing or pinching. But it's hard to know what size to buy..... I bet you never had to know your nipple size before.

The vast majority of women are size M, but if you are unsure you can use my tips to measure.

Step 1: Find a piece of string.  I  suggest you use a piece of string to help determine your size, at is too difficult to measure your nipple diameter with a ruler.

Step 2: Wrap the string around the base of your nipple, where it joins to the areola.   Like in this image below - only measuring around the base of the nipple part that pokes out.  We are not measuring around the wider areola. 

How to Measure your Nipple Size

Step 3: Put your string measurement against a rule to give a total length in millimetres.    This is the circumference.

Step 4: We'll use some maths now to work out the diameter.    Circumference divided by PIE (3.1417) = diameter.


Size Chart

Diameter up to 16mm - Shop for Size S

Diameter up to 20mm - shop for size M

Diameter up to 24mm - shop for size L

If you are not sure about which size, then I suggest you opt for the larger option because you don't want your nipple to be squeezed to tight or rub on the sides.

Good luck!

Franny x

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