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Unimom Minuet Spare Parts

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  • Unimom Breastshield (Flange)
  • Unimom Breastshield (Flange)
  • Unimom Breastshield (Flange)
  • Unimom Silicone massage cushion
  • Unimom Pump Valve
  • Unimom bottle with  cap, screw, seal
  • Unimom spare air tube
  • Unimom Minuet Diaphragm Cap
  • Unimom minuet diaphragm
  • Unimom Minuet B Connector spare part
  • Unimom Minuet LCD Charger with USB Cable
  • Unimom Back Flow Protector for Allegro, Minuet, and Opera models
  • Unimom Bottle Cover

Unimom Minuet Breast Pump Parts

We've listed all the available parts on this page and diagram below, so that you can easily select what you need for the Minuet double pump.  

If you are looking to replace a lot of parts, it is better value to purchase a Breastshield Kit as that includes most of these items.   With the breastshield kit you can choose size Breastshield Kit 24mm Medium or Breastshield Kit 27mm Large.  The breastshield kit does not include the Silicone Breast massager

Unimom Minuet Breast Pump Parts


- 1) Breast Shield Flange which you can buy individually as 24, 27 or 30mm size.

- 2) Silicone Breast massager this only comes in one size to fit the 24mm breastshield.

- 3) Pump Valve

- 4) Single Bottle (we also sell bottles in a Triple Pack which are better value than buying a single)

- 5) Air Tube

- 6) Diaphragm Cap

- 7) Silicone Diaphragm

- 8) B-Connector (Air Cap)

-) Back flow protector is sold as a unit with items 6 and 7.

-b) Bottle cover

Parts C D come with a Triple Pack of bottles and we don't have available as a separate part.


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