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Breast Milk Storage Bags (20pk)

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  20 bags per Pack

Expressing breast milk takes a lot of work, and that's why Franny created these convenient storage bags to keep every precious drop safe, and help you build up a freezer stash of Liquid Gold. These Breast Milk Storage Bags allow your breast milk to be kept for up to 24 hours in the fridge or up to three months in the deep freeze.

* Thick double-sealed bags

* BPA-free

* Pre-sterilised for hygiene and convenience

* Ready to use

* 300mL capacity


To thaw and warm your Liquid Gold, defrost in the fridge overnight, or thaw and warm milk by placing the sealed bag in a bowl of warm water. Do not heat in microwave.


Manufacturer:  Breastmates
Materials:  BPA Free (made from Polyethylene so there is no BPA)

Customer Reviews 21 item(s)

great product
Milk storage bags are kind of hard to find, so being able to order online and receive via courier is fantastic!
Review by samsmum
Excellent product
These milk storage bags are awesome! Such good quality and so handy for stocking up on frozen milk to use whenever needed. I would highly recommend these :)
Review by Nicky
Great size
I am part of nz milk sharing as I make an excess of milk. Through one of the Facebook pages I was gifted a pack of breastmates milk bags and I love them, the larger size is great for my output, the double seal and lipped top are great features. When I reordered I bought two extra packs I on gifted to other milk sharing mums as I had them gifted to me.
Review by Evalyn
I don't have much to compare these to - I haven't ever used bags before (but I did use these dinky plastic Avent tubs with my last baby and they were hopeless). They are easy to use and take up very little space in the freezer. Also they defrost really quickly, but like another person commented my husband has complained that he finds it difficult to pour the defrosted milk out without spilling any, other than that they're all good!
Review by Nin
One of the best post-baby purchases I've made!
These bags are the best! My opportunities to pump are fairly limited, so when I do, I want to make sure that I can preserve the milk for when we need it. We also don't have a massive freezer and it's always full, so these are just the best. I can put freshly pumped milk straight in, seal the bag (and confidently know that it is in fact sealed), and pop it in the freezer using very little space. Then when I need to use the milk, I either put the frozen bag in a bowl of warm water or I let it thaw on the counter for a few hours (or in the fridge overnight). So easy, so convenient, and so inexpensive! Love them!
Review by Andrea
Franny delivers again
Breastmates is the website I go to when looking for anything maternity so when I needed breast-milk storage I knew Franny would have the goods. I have just purchased my second batch of these bags, I have not tried other brands as I trust Franny.
Review by Mosey
Excellent product and came super fast thank you fran!
Review by Natalia
Awesome thanks Franny! So quick. Knew I could rely on speed. Hope this solves the problem
So glad i found your website. The Breastmilk bags are going awesome! Only bag ive tried that actually has an accurate measurement and love all the little notes. Just perfect :) :)
Review by Olivia
love them
I love these bags! There's no way I would still be breastfeeding without them!
Review by Jenny
prefer these
I'll send you a photo of my ever growing milk stash. I prefer your bags to some of the other ones I have tried!
Review by Jennifer
Very happy customer
I was very impressed with the quality of these bags. I have ordered a second lot of them. They store a great deal more than other brands, and I absolutely love that they are covered with type such as; Liquid Gold and Precious to the last drop, as it reminds those using it to treat it with care. I won't use any other milk storage bags now that I have found this product.
Review by Chantel
great product
These bags are very easy to use and a great size (can store more milk than other bags). Were delivered the next day. Excellent service and a great product. Thanks!
Review by vita
Swisspers milk storage bags
Fantastic that your website still sells them, no shop I went to did anymore! Great value, easy to use and the double seal is brilliant! No loosing any of that precious liquid :-)
Review by Loni
Really easy, and a great seal. As you can freeze them flat, they thaw extremely quickly just placing it in a bowl of warm water, which then warms the milk as well - very easy and fast. As the dad, I'm always looking to streamline the process, and these couldn't be better.
Review by Glenn
So easy
I use these bags to store my expressed milk. Just put them on the freezer. Much easier than containers or bottles to freeze milk. And good price too. Highly recommanded
Review by Caroline
I love these bags!
I used these bags when expressing my excess milk with baby number 3 two years ago and thought they were just wonderful - panicked a bit when I could not find them recently since I just had baby number 4. So I am so glad breastmates recognise what a fantastic product this is by offering it on their website. As I personally think they are so much better than bottles in the freezer and would recommend them to all breastfeeding mothers.
Review by Heava
Great value!
these are an awesome product and such great value. Almost half price from the ones sold at baby shops. Ill be buying more :)
Review by Julz
Great value!
these are an awesome product and such great value. Almost half price from the ones sold at baby shops. Ill be buying more :)
Review by Julz
Excellent product
I personally think these are the best breast milk storage bags! The double seal gives you confidence that the milk isn't going to leak out! Easy to use and great storage size (most bags only go to 150mls). Highly recommended!
Review by Jo
Easy to use
Easy to use and great to have on hand sterlised and ready to go. Takes up less room in the freezer than lots of little half filled bottles. Defrosting is easy and the write on label lets you know when you made the milk and how much is in there.
Review by Fiona Thomas
Great product
I used these bags when full time expressing for my baby and they were great. Very easy to use and the double seal had me feeling safe that should one seal not quite be done properly the other one will keep all that precious milk safe. Very easy to defrost the milk, one downside is that it can be difficult to get the milk back out into a bottle if you are tired or not concentrating, poor hubby accidently spilled a whole bag of it when turning to see why bubs was upset! Other than that they are fabulous!!
Review by Adrienne

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