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Unimom Breast Shield Flange

$19.90 NZD

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Spare part for the Unimom Forte, Allegro and Minuet breast pump models.

Having a correctly fitting breastshield will improve your expressing result.    Your nipple needs to feel comfortable and not painful at all.

You can now buy an individual breastshield, and choose your size.   Available in M-24mm, L-27mm and XL-30mm.

Sold as one piece.

 The original boxed set of Unimom Allegro and Forte breast pumps would have come with the size Medium 24mm.  Maybe you are finding this is too small, and your nipple isn't being drawn into the funnel while pumping, or it is uncomfortable.  This means that you need to get a larger size shield which is available here.  It will attach to the other items of your Unimom Breast pump kit.

Please note: this is the flange only, as pictured.  It does not come with any other parts.

Breastshield Sizes


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