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Unimom Forte Spare Parts

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Unimom Forte Spare Parts.

We've listed all the available parts on this page, so that you can easily select what you need for the Forte double pump.  The item that we recommend most highly, is the Breastshield Kit as this will include all the items listed #1 to #9 on this diagram, giving you spare parts of everything you need to keep pumping.   With the Breastshield Kit you can also choose if you want the regular size shield, or the Large size.

These are all suitable for the Forte pump, if you need two items for your double pumping, then you will need to change the quantity when you get to the shopping cart.

Just select what you need:

- 1) Breast Shield Flange which you can buy individually as 24, 27 or 30mm size.     (This is also sold in a Breastshield Kit, and you can choose standard size, or  Breastshield Kit 27mm Large.  The Breastshield Kit includes EVERYTHING listed #1 to #9 below)

Unimom Forte Breast Pump Parts

- 2) Pump Valve

- 3) Single Bottle

- 4, 5, 6)   *note that items 4, 5, 6, are sold as a mini set called the "Back Flow Protector" which includes the top cover, white membrane and bottom cover.

- 5) White Membrane

-6) Bottom Cover

- 7) Disc *note that Disc, Cap and Bottle are all sold with the single bottle

- 8) Cap *

- 9) Air Tube

**  Breast massager is not pictured, women often use this for extra comfort and is available as an individual item for extra purchase.




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Awesome as always
Awesome service and fast delivery!

Review by Rea
Loveliest people. Really helped me when I needed help quickly. Really went above and beyond and it made the world of difference to a new mum. I had a four hour window from when I left the maternity unit till I needed to pump again. And I didn't own a pump as of that morning. Having had the one organised for me going awol. Your team made it happen. Was such a relief for an exhausted new mum! . Thank you
Review by Natasha

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