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Unimom Allegro Spare Parts

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Unimom Allegro Spare Parts.

We've listed all the available parts on this page, so that you can easily select what you need for the Allegro pump.  The item that we recommend most highly, is the Breastshield Kit as this will include all the items listed #1 to #10 on this diagram, giving you spare parts of everything you need to keep pumping.   With the Breastshield Kit you can also choose if you want the regular size shield, or the Large size.

These are all suitable for the Allegro pump.

Unimom Allegro Breast Pump Spare PartsJust select what you need:

- 1) Breast Shield    (this is sold in a Breastshield Kit, and you can choose standard size, or  Breastshield Kit Large).  The Breastshield Kit includes everything listed #1 to #10 below.

- 2) Pump Valve

- 3) Single Bottle

-4, 5, 6, 7)   *note that items 4, 5, 6, 7 are sold as a mini set called the "Back Flow Protector" which includes the top cover, spring, white membrane and bottom cover.

- 6) White Membrane

- 8) Disc *note that Disc, Cap and Bottle are all sold with the single bottle

- 9) Cap *

- 10) Air Tube

-11) Breast massager is not pictured, women often use this for extra comfort


There's also a few handy extra items, like the Car Charger, Switch Kit (so that you can use pump as a manual) and Power Plug



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