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Milk Vibes Pumping Bra

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Milk Vibes Hands-free pumping.    One of the most practical items to help when you're a busy pumping mama 

Super practical as it gives a little more freedom to use your pump hands-free (so you can do other things), rather than sitting and holding a pump. It holds your breastpump close and secure to your chest keeping the seal around your boob, so you can do something gentle like hold your phone, work on your computer, or assist your toddler.   

If you have a small pump such as the Unimom Minuet, Medela Swing, Medela Freestyle, Medela Swing Maxi which all have cordless power supply - then this pump will enable you more freedom to move around your house while pumping.  For larger pumps, such as the Unimom Forte which you have to plug into a power supply - the hands-free bra means that at least you can multi-task while pumping.   Just don't forget that you're wearing it when the courier arrives with your next online delivery..... that could be awkward!

Sizing: This hands-free pumping bra has an easy zip up front, making it quick and easy to put on.  Each bra comes with an extra expander piece which gives more room if you need to adjust the size to make it larger at the front.    The back has strong velcro which also gives additional size flexibility - meaning that it can tighten to fit an 8/10 body size, or extend it to fit up to 22 body size.  Just fasten the velcro once to get a good fit, and then use the front zip when wearing after that.

One size fits most - we've tested the fit on lots of local mums from sizes 10B to 22G and they all like the size and how it adjusts for each of them.

This style of pumping bra suits all standard breast pumps that have a breastshield flange, it isn't suitable for the 'wearable' breast pump.  Special thanks to local mum Aimee for helping with these pics

Made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex, it feels super soft against your skin. The layered cross over slit design helps create a better seal for your pump flange which improves suction and comfort.


P.S we're also sending you milk vibes if you need them

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