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Milk Stash Kit

$39.90 NZD

Availability: In stock

Silicone Breast Pump & Cover   +$23.92 NZD
Booster Biscuit Premix   +$7.99 NZD
Breast Milk Storage Bags (20pk)   +$7.99 NZD

For a limited time, we've prepared this "Milk Stash Kit" for mums that are building up a supply of breastmilk in the freezer.   

Everything you need to boost milk, pump milk, and store milk.  Precious liquid gold for sure!

Shopping through this page will give you 20% discount when you purchase these items together rather than shopping for them separately.



1x Silicone Breast Pump usually $29.90

1x Booster Biscuit Mix  usually $9.99

1x Breast Milk Bags 20pk usually $9.99

Total $39.90 rather than $49.88

*You can change the Quantity at Cart if you want to buy more than 1 breast milk bags or packet of biscuit mix.

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