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Post Partum

A few trusted products that you might need, when you've done all the hard work carrying, and pushing out bub, of course your fanny will be feeling fragile!   These are also suitable for c-section mamas too - to help your recovery.  Check out our post-partum range of perineal care to give yourself some TLC.   

Top Sellers are the Peri Spray Bottle, Peri Relief Spray with Witch Hazel, and the post-partum undies which are perfectly comfy for short term use.    You could combine them all into a bundle. 

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  • Postpartum UnderWear Postpartum UnderWear

    Postpartum Underwear - 4pk

    Postpartum Underwear for short term use. (4 pack) These undies are perfect for use before and after the birth of your baby, they're super soft, stretc…

  • Belly Wrap by Breastmates Belly Wrap by Breastmates

    Belly Wrap

    Belly Wrap Traditional Post-Baby Tummy Shrinker. A modern accessory based on traditional methods of belly wrapping, to help tighten and reduce your je…

  • Peri Spray Bottle

    Peri Spray Bottle

    Post-Partum water spray bottle for those for those delicate areas.   A simple gadget which is one of our most recommended items to prepare f…

  • Perineal Relief Spray

    Perineal Relief Spray

    Perineal Relief Spray  The best ever Fanny Spray, just "spritz your bits" for soothing comfort Perhaps one of the best things to pack in your lab…

  • Mumdrop Wrap Mumdrop Wrap

    Mumdrop Wrap

    Mumdrop™ milk towel - the perfect little towel for breastfeeding mums. The Mumdrop™ milk towel is a cosy and absorbent wrap designed to he…

  • newborn logbook newborn logbook

    Newborn Baby Logbook

    Newborn Baby Logbook    ^ Top Gift Idea This wee log book is the perfect companion for your first weeks in the land of motherhood, it's…

  • Inkless Print Maker for baby hand and foot Inkless Print Maker for baby hand and foot

    Inkless Print Maker

    Inkless, no stains, no mess - Hand and Foot Printmaking Make a treasured keepsake of your baby's hand or foot, to capture this moment they are so tiny…

  • Post Partum Bundle

    Post Partum Prep Bundle

    Your perfect prep for postpartum perineum care (say that fast 3 times!) This bundle of goodies are our top recommendations to pack in your bag for lab…

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    Kegel Toning Balls Kegel Toning Balls

    Kegel Balls - Pelvic Floor Trainer (2pk)

    Kegel Balls - Pelvic Floor Trainer  (2 pack) * increase bladder control * improve muscle tone * strengthen climax Kegel Toning Balls can help to …

    Was: £31.33
    Now: £15.93
  • Sitz Bath Salts - Postpartum Soothing Soak

    Sitz Bath Salts - Postpartum Soak

    Postpartum soothing soak infused with essential oils of chamomile + lavender for a healing, relaxing, post-delivery bath.  Excellent for post-bir…

  • Weleda Perineum Massage Oil Weleda Perineum Massage Oil

    Weleda Perineum Massage Oil

    Regular massage with this purely natural oil increases the skin's elasticity and its ability to stretch, thus helping to reduce the risk of episiotomy…