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Newborn Baby Logbook

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Newborn Baby Logbook

This wee log book is the perfect companion for your first weeks in the land of motherhood, it's going to pass by in a bit of a blur.

With your trusty baby logbook beside you in those potentially difficult first weeks, you'll know your baby better than you know yourself  and you'll have one less thing to worry about.

It's pre-printed with specific columns so you can easily keep a simple record of your baby's progress such as:

  • -Time of last feed and the breast side fed from
  • -Bottle volume
  • -If baby kept their feed down
  • -Time put to bed & time awake
  • -Baby's mood or activity when awake
  • -Nappy changes & poops

So you won't need to stress about remembering what you did all day, just log it as it happens.   The first page has an example so you'll know how to use it.

This will also  make a nice keepsake so you can look back and marvel about how you survived!

  • Made in New Zealand
  • 96 pages for charting
  • Compact size  14.5cm wide x 10.5cm high
  • Spiral Bound
  • Read Franny's blog about the product inspiration here
  • Made in NZ

Manufacturer:  Breastmates made in New Zealand

Log Book, Logbook, journal

Customer Reviews 20 item(s)

A must have
This log book is so helpful to keep track of everything a new born baby does! In those first 6 weeks, when everything is a blur - this book is a neat and tidy way to figure out your baby's routine - is amazing when you keep track of feeding and sleeping times, a pattern emerges which makes it so much easier to know what they want resulting in a very happy content little bub!
Review by Toni
I loved this notebook - I'm onto my second and will be buying them for every baby shower from now on. So useful for baby brain, and for looking back over the weeks for patterns when you are (maybe?) establishing a routine!! Highly recommended!
Review by Neen
Handy little book
This has been great for the first month to keep track of breastfeeding and nappy's.
Review by Kate
Fantastic and super handy!
I bought two of these, one for a friend for a baby shower present and one for myself. We've both found it super handy - a big help in the fog of the early days with a newborn. It's great to keep a track, see any potential patterns emerging and be able to ask midwife questions about feeding and nappies when you've got baby brain! Highly recommend this for all new mums :)
Review by Jo
Gift giving solved
I love this..... It so wonderfully solves the ongoing dielema of what to buy for family and friends having babies out of town where I can't see what colour scheme they are having for baby or what their preference for baby clothing and accessories might be! Phew, thank you for a great Gift idea that is postable too !
Review by Andrea
highly recommended
Thanks so much for your amazing customer service. The book arrived at my door first thing this morning, talk about prompt, that was awesome! And I love the new review of the book how a nappy column has been added. My friend brought me the book initially, for my 2nd baby, and it was awesome! My bub is nearly 4mths now and I just had to buy another book as its so handy! Its the perfect size book, not too big like most other feeding journals, and just the right amount of room to write info. And such a great price! I've recommended it to many over past few months.
Review by Sam
This is my standard gift order for friends having babies....
Sometimes the practical stuff is the best thing once bubs arrives and you're surrounded by cute tiny clothes but can't remember what you did an hour ago, and your boobs are burning!! Look forward to it arriving and another mum joining the Breastmates family ;-)
Review by Katrina
love it
I love this log book!!! Ended up using two, bub has just gone 6 months old and I've just finished the last page of the second book . Also sent it to a friend in oz .. Love it
Review by Emma G
still use it
We used this since our daughter was born. And still use it now. Great to record things as she has reflux and help us figure out what trigger bad nights or try to anyway
Review by Charmaine
so handy
Just want to let you know how much of a godsend your newborn logbook has been our little miss in 6weeks & I have been using it from day 1, with a busy toddler aswell it's hard to remember times etc so it's so handy to have it written down. Yes I could have an app on my phone for the same thing but I plan to keep the logbook & be able to look back on it in years to come
I'll be recommending this product to all my mum to be friends
Review by Jo
great help
This has been a great help in keeping track of everything, especially during those first few days in the hospital when everything is a blur and the midwives often ask when she last fed and how many wet and full nappies she's had.
Review by Amanda
its great
the breastfeeding book has been great to keep track of when my daughter is feeding and sleeping etc, I love it!
Review by Amberley
brain fuzz
I tracked weeks 1-4 of Katies life with a Breastmates Log Book to try and see if I could find patterns, or answer those questions midwives ask. Brain Fuzz is real people! Log books have spaces for you to record feeds, nappy contents, moods and sleeps!
Review by Sophie
I have to tell you I love it!
Firstly I love it's size; small. It fits in your bag with the other million things you need to remember... or forget, as I often do. Secondly, the layout. There is space to write down what time baby fed, on what side, when he filled his nappy, and when he slept. There is a column for spilling, which all of my babies do/did often and generously. There is also a column for bottle volume that I switched up and used for temperature. Lastly, the price. You can't go wrong for a little something for you, or a gift for someone else.
Review by Belinda
Just started using mine with 6day old and it's such comfort to my tired brain no more trying to remember details for the midwife!
Review by Catherine
7 months on...
Just wanted to say that the log books are absolutely brilliant! I know they are probably only used by most people for the first twelve weeks or so, but this will be my third book, with my wee girl, Sophie, just about to turn seven months. As we had major issues breast feeding, it was so easy to record how much formula vs how much expressed milk she had, and I'm now keeping a record of what / how much solids she is having, as well as formula.
Review by Jacinda
Wish I'd had one myself
Bought as a gift for a baby shower. I would have LOVED one of these for my first baby - would have saved me having to rule endless lines in a blank notebook to keep notes! Am about to get myself one for my newest addition due in January.
Review by Sarah
Where has this been?
This is a fantastic little product, and would have loved it for my first child as well, but never mind! So small and handy and contains so much information!! Perfect for me as I need to keep track of my little girls feeds due to medical reasons, so found this book fabulous!!!
Review by Nicola
So compact and great value!
The picture is deceiving. This notebook is the perfect size to carry around and is super cute and discreet. I found it more valuable after the first few weeks as obviously routines aren't established at first and with cluster feeding in those first few days you'd be filling in a lot of pages if you were taking note of everything! Great for when the day naps get difficult though. ;) Used in conjuction with the mother's minder bracelet i had the perfect system for a new baby.
Review by Lucy.
Love this notebook
A perfect size for popping next to the bed, on the coffee table or in the handbag (oops, nappy bag!), this little diary is fantastic for recording the details of a new baby! You think you will remember but it is amazing how that baby brain fuzz sets in and even just an hour later you have forgotten the side you last fed from!!! Its handy to tell your midwife and wellchild provider what has been happening, its fabulous to work out patterns (or when things changed if baby isnt quite right). The motif on the front is simply gorgeous!!! Great quality, I think this notebook is a must-have and the absolute PERFECT baby shower gift (at an awesome price!!) I totally recommend for every new mother, hands down!!!
Review by Ashlee

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