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Mumdrop Wrap

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Mumdrop™ milk towel - the perfect little towel for breastfeeding mums.

The Mumdrop™ milk towel is a cosy and absorbent wrap designed to help keep you comfortable and dry in those first few months before your milk supply settles down.

Each towel comes with a removable bedtime layers, which provides extra absorbency and protection during the night.

At night... The Mumdrop™ milk towel is perfect to sleep in without worrying about leakage. Simply snap on the bedtime layer to the front of the towel to provide absorbency and protection all night. The bedtime layer has a super soft microfleece outer layer that will draw moisture away from your skin onto two layers of inner absorbency, and is finished with a waterproof barrier to ensure your pyjamas and sheets stay dry.  ('Bedtime layer' is included in your purchase)

After a shower... When you have finished showering, put on your Mumdrop™ milk towel to dry and support your breasts. You can then finish drying yourself and get ready without worrying about unwanted milk letdown. When used without the bedtime layer, the towel has a cotton towelling inner against your skin which is very soft and absorbent.

Any time... The Mumdrop™ milk towel can be worn as a boob-tube type top and can provide breast support and milk absorption at the same time.

You can also purchase additional inner layers if you need.

Note  - this is a towelling style wrap.  To breastfeed you have to unwrap it, it doesn't have specific breastfeeding openings for night feeding etc

Materials: A combination of cotton, bamboo towelling, microfibre, microfleece, waterproof backing

S fits sizes 8-10

M fits sizes 10-14

L fits sizes 14-16

XL fits sizes 16-18

The below table shows the size range of the towel when on the largest and smallest settings, both above and below the bust. Measure yourself above and below the bust to see which size range will fit you best. 

* The bottom of the towel is elasticated, so it will stretch slightly further than the top range measurement for under the bust. 

Towel Size

Above bust range

Below bust range*


82cm - 96cm 

70cm - 86cm 

90cm - 104cm 

76cm - 92cm 

98cm - 112cm 

82cm - 98 cm 


106cm - 120cm 

88cm - 104cm



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