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Full Length Maternity Pillow. 

Full length body pillow for sleeping, feeding and back support.

This full length body pillow is non-allergenic ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, 100% cotton for a soft and natural finish, with a hand stuffed filling which ensures support for your body and baby during pregnancy. The pillow comes with one 100% cotton pillow case and with a travel bag with handles to make carrying the pillow easier.

For a good nights sleep lie down and curl up, or stretch out on your side with the pillow between your legs and supporting your belly and chest.

Or lie on your side and place the pillow behind you so you can lie back and relax.

Also can be used for feeding, snuggled around you in a chair with your new baby.

 "By mid-pregnancy I began to dread going to bed each night as it became increasingly impossible to get comfortable. I would get sore hips, ribs and shoulders as the baby weight increased. I also kept waking up overheated and on my back which is not great for the baby. A friend of mine suggested the Maternity Pillow. I took her advice and bought one - it turned out to be the best investment. It took all the pressure off my joints and enabled me to stay on my side all night. The cotton cover also seemed to stop me overheat as much. I actually started to look forward to getting into bed at night and having quality sleep. I would highly recommend the purchase" - Nikki, St.Kilda, Melbourne

Manufacturer:  Inpsired Living
Materials:  100% Cotton Case 

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