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Lactation Drops - Naturopathic Blend

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Lactation Drops are a naturopathic blend made for us by Qbaby.  This little bottle has a synergy of herbs that will help to increase milk flow and assist your baby's digestion. The ingredients are 100% natural and highly effective.

Lactation Drops are Hypoallergenic, Dairy Free, Gluten Free and Sugar Free.   A great way to assist your milk flow - without having to eat consume extra sugar in shakes or cookies. (Use in combination with a balanced diet)

Best use for daily support in mothers who have established milk flow and feel they need extra support.

Lactation Drops are formulated and manufactured for Breastmates Mums by Qbaby.

20mL bottle with dropper.

The combination of Ingredients

Fennel - Used for improving lactation and also supporting digestive comfort in nursing mothers.
Goats Rue - A proven galactagogue herb for improving the production of breastmilk.
Fenugreek - Traditionally used to promote and enhance lactation.
Nettle - Nourishing. High in vitamins and minerals. Helps to keep up mother's milk supply, aiding in rich healthy breast milk.
Vervain - A relaxing calming herb which helps when the let-down reflex is blocked due to emotional stress.
Chaste tree - Vitex is used in small doses to increase milk supply when breastfeeding.
Withania - Used in Ayurveda to boost milk production and lower stress levels.
Astragalis - Helps to increase milk production and support the immune system.
Licorice - In low doses helps to support stress levels.

That's all the ingredients - nothing else.



Take 10 drops, 3-6 times daily.   You can drop them under your tongue, or add to a glass of water.

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