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Weleda Teething Powder, 50g

Relieves teething discomfort

For the relief of the discomfort and restlessness of teething in babies and children.

The average baby cuts their first tooth between six and nine months. Swelling, red gums, red cheeks and irritability can indicate teething pains. The child may also drool and put objects in their mouth.

Teething Powder can help calm and soothe irritation, reducing teething pain. The powder can be rubbed directly into painful areas for fast relief.

Chamomilla root 20x: Well-known for its calming properties. It helps soothe irritation and lessens the pain associated with teething.

Conchae 6x (Oyster shell; Natural Calcium carbonate): Soothes teething aches and pains, calming.

Ingredients equal parts of homoeopathic ingredients: Chamomilla, root 20x; Conchae 6x; in lactose base.

Dosage: (Babies/Children): Give 1/4 level 5mL teaspoon (equiv.1g) of powder in a teaspoonful of warm water.  If your baby is used to eating solids they can be given the powder straight (same dose without adding to water), 3 to 4 times daily throughout the period of teething, or as directed by your health care professional. Can be given as often as every 15 minutes for up to 6 doses if required. If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional.



Manufacturer:  Weleda

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