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Anti Colic Teats - 2pk.   To accompany the Twistshake Bottles

The design of Twistshake’s teat closely resembles reality. The likeness to the mother’s breast makes the transition between breastfeeding and bottle feeding both smooth and safe. The flexible tip resembles the mother’s nipple, preserving the baby’s natural feeding behaviour.

The anti-colic valve prevents baby colic and delivers an even flow.   To make sure the baby is supported correctly, the bottom of the teat is globe-shaped and soft.


2x Silicon teat – produced from premium high quality super soft silicone.


Sizes available:

-S (0+m)

-M (2+m)

-L (4+m)

-Plus (6+m)


Note, these are only compatibabe with Twistshake botttles.  They don't fit any other brands.

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