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Bladder weakness when you cough or sneeze?

SmartBalls help to improve pelvic floor strength and confidence for women suffering bladder weakness, which is very common as a result of having children.

Also suitable for women who have a prolapsed uterus, or had a hysterectomy.

SmartBalls Uno can make a real difference for women.  You can use them any time from 6 weeks after childbirth up to decades later.

Your pelvic floor muscles will develop some muscle tone over time whilst you use the balls. It will take a number of weeks for to work, especially if you have recently given birth or have incontinence issues.

The Smart Ball Uno is a single silicone coated ball which is a good starting model for pelvic floor toning.

Inserted vaginally the Smartball will move or rest on the pelvic floor muscles giving you an inner workout. All you have to do is pop them inside and the SmartBalls and your body will do the rest.

  • Initially you may have to hold the balls inside consciously until you build up some muscle tone.
  • Keep perservering as this will improve as you keep having a "work out" (think if it like going to the gym).
  • Try to relax when inserting and removing.  Lubricant is recommended.
  • Wear the ball for a few hours every day for a week or so, building up the amount of time you have it inside. Your goal is to wear the ball all day every day for at least one month.
  • To remove, relax your pelvic floor muscles and gently push to aid getting the balls out. You should not need to pull hard on the string.
  • Once you have done that initital work out, you can wear your SmartBalls for a day once per fortnight or more if required, for maintainence.

SmartBalls should not be worn during pregnancy.

The Smart Balls Uno weigh 42 grams.  This model is Smartballs Teneo Uno.

More info, and clinical study

Manufacturer:  Fun Factory SmartBalls

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

Tried it for the first time last week after having 2nd baby and am really impressed so far, amazed at how once inserted you don't even notice it's there! Am pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to hold them in initially, my muscles must have been not too far gone
Review by KH
2 children within 2 years & hours of long pushing in labour left me unable to laugh, cough or sneeze without slightly wetting myself, also affected sex & had me worried about future pregnancies/births. I bought a smart ball off Franny about 3 months after bub#2 and used that strange, brightly coloured ball for a few hours a few times a week. It slowly improved my bladder weakness. I stopped using it after a couple of months because the problem had improved, I even managed a short jump on the trampoline with my son the other day and *just* held it together. I would highly recommend trying one if you have similar issues :)
Review by Mum of two boys
Smart Balls
My husband was concerned that I wasn't letting myself enjoy things for fear that I'd have an accident (leakage) so a few years ago he bought me the original Smart Balls (2 balls). Since then I've given birth to two children and I no longer have the pelvic floor muscle strength to hold in the original smart balls. So my husband bought me the Smart Ball Uno so that I could start to laugh again. The Smart Ball Uno is SO much easier to use - it is a great starter to build up strength again. I can't wait to start laughing again and not worrying about leakages.
Review by A Laughing Mum
smart balls
an awesome product - so glad to see it here as i know many women who would cringe at the thought of buying from "adult stores" .. these are a great product and not only strengthen your pelvic floor but enhance "that loving feeling" too - thanks for supplying these im sure many women will benefit now they are more accessible :-)
Review by Mrs A

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