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Nursing Pillow (Brushed Ink)

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In those special moments of breastfeeding, it's important that you're comfortable with good posture.  The handmade Breastfeeding Pillow by BabyBaby, in the original U-Shape, wraps snug around mums body and provides a firm base for baby while feeding, reducing strain on your back and arms.  

Filled with NZ made polystyrene beans, the nursing pillow will mould its shape to baby and you.  You can easily remove or add beans if needed, giving you full control over the height and comfort of the pillow to suit your torso.   The beans are secure with their own internal pillowcase.      The patterned fabric of the cover is quality thick 100% cotton, and has a zip for easy removal and washing.  (We can also supply spare covers if you need another one). 

Handmade in New Zealand by Babybaby, high quality with superb craftswomenship.  These pillows have been loved by kiwi mums for years. 

- Supports your back during feeding preventing future back problems

- Ideal for breastfeeding twins

- Cover is machine washable and dries quickly

- Beans are sealed on the inside in their own bag - so they don't spill everywhere when you wash the cover

- Suitable for all ages, the firm base for baby to lay on is wide 

- Width 74cm, Depth 48cm, Height 16cm

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