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Newborn Car Decal - Save Me Some Space to Open the Door

If you're a new parent with a baby or a capsule to get in and out of the car, you won't want to be rammed in next time you've left your car parked. It's tricky enough to juggle a baby and all their gear, let alone try to safely strap them back into their carseat when the person in the next spot has parked so closely, you can't even get the door open far enough to squeeze back there!

Place this decal on the window next to your baby's carseat or capsule, and hope that whomever parks next to you will give you the common courtesy of enough room that you can open the door comfortably enough to get your baby back in the car with a minimum of swearing, tears, and bumping their door.

Removable, outdoor decal suitable for glass exterior.  Clear 1 piece decal with white text to show up on window.  Size 9cmx15cm.


Manufacturer:  Breastmates

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