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Mini Electric Pump Parts

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  • Medela PersonalFit Breastshield size 21mm
  • Medela Breastshield size 24mm
  • Medela Breastshield size L 27mm
  • Medela Breastshield size XL 30mm
  • Medela Breastshield size XXL 36mm
  • Medela Personal Fit Connector by Medela
  • Medela valves & membranes packet
  • Medela Bottles
  • Medela Bottles
  • Medela Disc Seal for Bottles
  • Medela Tall Cap
  • Medela Bottle Top Screw Lid

Medela Mini Electric Breast Pump PartsMini Electric Breast Pump Parts

Unfortunately Medela New Zealand discontinued this breast pump a few years ago, and we are running out of a few specific items like the motor unit and power adapter.    If you just need to replace something simple like the Breastshield or Valves etc then we can help you with that

Medela Mini Electric Pump Parts

-1: Personal Fit Breastshield (various sizes to choose, 24mm is the original size)

-2: Personal Fit Connector (your original Mini Electric Breast Pump might have come with the Breastshield and Connector molded as one piece of plastic.  We can't get those anymore, so the alternative is to purchase these as individual pieces and join them together.

-3: Valves and Membranes (2 valves + 6 membranes per packet)

-4: Bottles - you can shop for  2pack of 250mL size, or 3pack 150mL size

Motor Unit Only SOLD OUT

Mains Power Adapter SOLD OUT

Also available and not pictured:Round Disc Seal Screw Lid Tall Cap  

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