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Medela Quick Clean Sterilisation Bags

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Medela Quick Clean Sterilisation Bags (Microwave)

  • - Fast, safe and convenient
  • - A great cleaning solution for home use.
  • - Ideal for cleaning milk bottles, teats, pacifiers, breastshields and tubes.
  • - Fits any microwave size

Wash your equipment first in warm soapy water with a soft brush. Then you can steam sterilize your equipment with these Sterilisation Bags - just 3 minutes in the microwave to disinfect..

Each bag can be used up to 20 times.

Box of 5 bags (for 100 Uses)

Manufacturer:  Medela

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Quick Clean Bags
Fabulous sterilization method, especially if you are going away... who wants to take a container for milton sterilizing, or a big microwave sterlizer when you can take one little bag and use it about 20 times! Perfect for taking awar for weekends, or even a whole week!
Review by Amelia

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