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Medela Solo Breast Pump Parts

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  • Medela Flex Connector
  • Medela Solo Pump Tube
  • Medela Flex Breastshield
  • Medela Flex Breastshield
  • Medela Flex Breastshield
  • Medela Flex Breastshield
  • Medela PersonalFit Breastshield size XXL 36
  • Medela Cap
  • Medela Tall Cap
  • Medela Calma Teat and Bottle 150mL

Medela Solo Breast Pump  - Spare Parts

Make sure your pump matches the photo - in particular note the shape of the motor is an oval.  We've listed the parts on this page to make it easier to shop what you need - but these items are only compatible with the Solo model of pump.

Just pick and choose which spare parts you need for your Medela Solo Breast Pump.  We try to keep these all in stock so that we can send to you quickly.  We've got a diagram below so you know the parts, or you can click on each of the links for more info and to check photos.  

The breast pumps and models sure do get confusing.  I've written a blog here with more details about the medela single breast pumps, along with how to upgrade older models, with pics and buying guide here

Still confused?  Email us and we can help with what you need.

Medela Solo breast Pump Parts

A - Motor

B - Flex Connector

C- Solo Tube

D- Flex Breastshield  various sizes to choose, 24mm is the original size in your boxed set. 21mm, 24mm, 27mm, 30mm sold separately

E- Bottle Lid

F- Bottle - you can shop for  2pack of 250mL size, 3pack 150mL size or a single bottle with teat

G- Stand

H - USB charger

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