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Medela Breast Shells

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Medela Breast Shells

Protect sore or cracked nipples.

These breast shells are worn inside your bra to protect your nipples from chafing and friction against your clothing.

  • Soft silicone back for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Ventilated front on the breast shells allows air to circulate
  • Protects sore or cracked nipples so that they can heal more quickly without rubbing on clothing.
  • Contoured shape so less visible through clothing.
  • Gentle pressure helps relieve engorgement slightly.

If you do have a lot of milk leakage, you can easily empty breast milk so that you don't waste a precious drop.   Store this milk in the freezer and you'll be surprised by how quickly a stash accumulates. ** Transfer to a storage container into fridge or freezer within 2 hours**

Manufacturer:  Medela

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Essential to have
These are Breastfeeding must haves - they help heal sore nipples and allow air to circulate whilst collecting milk - I will always recommend these especially to first timers.
Review by Rebecca
Superb invention
These are brilliant, especially when you have a lot of milk and one breast leaks a lot when the other is "in use". Rather than soaking through your breast pads and clothes, the milk collects in these. Very useful to put on one breast while brest pumping the other - afterwards, just tip it into the bottle, why waste the good stuff. (Of course sterilise it at the same time you do your bottles.) The other thing I might add is that the part which is in contact with your breast is springy, and very gentle and doesn't hurt even the most sensitive breast - you know how tender they can get sometimes and everything that touches it hurts. Not these!
Review by Chenebe
Life Saver!!
When I started feeding my first baby I quickly began bleeding with huge cuts in my nipples. None of the breastfeeding 'experts' could work out what was going on as latch etc was supposedly good. It ended up becoming worse as I would end up sticking to the breast pads and then more skin would come off at the next feed. Complete nightmare, I felt like such a failure, not to mention the pain. Once I found the shells everything got better. The nipple cream was able to stay on, my nipples were able to heal faster without rubbing on my clothes and I was so much more comfortable. It still took a good few weeks to heal but after that I was able to feed for 18mths!
Review by Tracy
Life saver take 2!
I too thought these were wonderful when I was having a horrible time with damaged nipples. I had no joy with sheilds for feeding, but these definately helped for the recovery & repair (6-8weeks...) Like others, also used for when feeding/pumping, as it is suprising how much the other side leaked at let down! Comfy to wear, easy to clean & sterilise. One of the best investments I made & will be able to use again (at some stage) for #2!
Review by Simone

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