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Cloth Mama Pad

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For the month of June we're doing a pay-it-forward campaign where for every pad sold we donate another to period poverty charity such as SPINZs


Our Cloth Mama Pads are a greenie twist on sanitary pads!  Environmentally friendly, cost-effective and a bit colourful!    Simple washable, reusable sanitary pads are a perfect way to rethink how you deal with Aunt Flo each month. And offer an alternative to using sanitary products which end up in landfill, or money down the drain - literally.    (And think of the money you'll save!!)

We also make these cloth pads and donate to charitable organization SPINZs - Sanitary Products in New Zealand Schools.

Sewn with a bamboo cotton fleece which sits next to your skin, two internal layers of microfibre for absorption, and an external fabric with waterproof coating (in a colourful pattern).  We have included dome wings to snap underneath your knickers to keep them in place.
We suggest starting with a couple to see if you like wearing them.     You'd need about 12 to cover your period, depending on flow and washing/drying cycle.  

Price is for 1.

Suitable to Medium flow: 27cm(L) X 18cm(W)

Care: Simply rinse in cold water until the water runs clear.   Leave to soak in cold water.   Can then be washed in regular load of laundry.   Don't use any fabric softeners as this spoils the absorbency, and don't use bleach as this degrades the fabric.  We suggest using baking soda to soak the pads to help with stains.    Can go in tumble dryer but cool-medium cycle.

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