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Koru Embrace Breastfeeding Pillow

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Koru Embrace Breastfeeding Pillow, by Babybaby  - designed and made in NZ by a kiwi mum.

The Koru Embrace breastfeeding pillow is designed to wrap around your body while supporting baby in the perfect position for breastfeeding.   The design of the pillow - with a large head and tapered body is suitable for any size woman - petite to plus size mums.   You can rest your arm, position baby, support baby's weight, and tuck the pillow behind your back for more support.  You can even use this pillow for perfect positioning when breastfeeding laying down.  Due to the shape of the pillow, you can use it anyway that feels comfortable for yourself, in any breastfeeding position that you prefer.

The unique Koru shaped design allows you to position your baby in all your favourite feeding positions,while being supportive.

- Football hold 
- Cradle feeding
- Side feeding
- Laid back breast feeding
- Or even just for relaxing

The Koru Embrace breastfeeding pillow comes complete with a superior polyester filled pillow encased in 100% cotton and a cover. 

Dimension 18cm at the head tapering down to 8cm at end of the tail, the length (across ways) is 77cm 

Made in NZ

Fabric Choices 

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