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Koru Embrace Breastfeeding Pillow - Mint Aztec

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The Koru Embrace breastfeeding pillow has been designed with a unique shape to wrap around your body allowing you to comfortably feed in multiple positions.   It supports your back and reduces strain on your shoulders, and baby is at the perfect position for feeding.   It's not as bulky as some other pillows, and is more adaptable in the positions you can feed.

Designed to suit all sizes - from petite to plus size.  There's a wide resting area for baby, and the opposite end tapers off to wrap around your body or place behind your back for extra support.    It can even be used during pregnancy as a belly support for sleeping.

With this pillow you can feed in all positions:

- Football hold
- Cradle feeding
- Side feeding
- Laid back breast feeding (Biological Nurturing)

Comes complete with a superior polyester filled pillow with case, and separate cover with zipper in this gorgeous fabric (100% cotton)

Dimension 18cm at the head tapering down to 8cm at end of the tail, the length (across ways) is 77cm

Designed and made in New Zealand by another kiwi mum in business, that has worked with Breastmates for many years.

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