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Unimom Ice Pad

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Unimom Single Ice Pad for keeping breastmilk chilled.

Pop into the freezer overnight to prepare for use the following day.

When used with an insulated cooler bag, this ice pad will keep your breastmilk (and lunch) nice and chilled for transport.  Keeps milk chilled for 4 hours when used with insulated chilly bag.


Ice Pads/ Chiller Pads

Manufacturer:  Unimom

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Your website makes breastfeeding a breeze :)
Thesee chiller pads are great, we just moved offices so now I have to walk through a meeting room (sometimes occupied) to get to a fridge. My solution? A cooler bag and a spare change of ice pads to swap out midday should mean I can keep all my gear and milk cool at my desk. Should mean no nosey parkers opening my cooler bag either :)
Review by Mikala

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