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Keep your "outie" under wraps with this reusable adhesive belly button cover.

If you're already coping with swollen ankles, burgeoning bosoms, wider feet, and fingers that don't fit your rings any longer, your "outie" belly button might feel like the last straw. Lucky for you, this little pregnancy symptom is one that's easy to disguise with this nifty reusable 100% silicone belly button cover!

Simply place on bare skin over your belly button and you'll see the smoothing effect instantly. Wear fitted tops and show off your bump with pride now there's no little pokey-outie for people to comment on.

A fun and practical gift for a mum-to-be, it's also a great solution for pregnant brides wearing slinky wedding gowns, or mums-to-be who want to look their best in formalwear without feeling like everyone is staring at their bump.

And while it may seem like a whacky product, a lot of women do feel self conscious about their outie.

Say STOP to the pop and enjoy a smooth, outie-free silhouette!

(made from 100% silicone with adhesive backing.  Can be washed with mild soap and the sticky adhesion will remain intact.  After use, must cover with the plastic film provided so that it doesn't stick to everything else.)

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This saved my sanity
I was so tired of people constantly commenting on my bump and my 'outtie'. This product single-handedly stopped the stream of inane comments! "Wow, you've popped!" "Not long to go now! Oh you're only 5 months along? *Awkward silence*" "Well I certainly never had an outtie when I was pregnant, maybe you should eat less?" "Are you sure there's only ONE in there?" This product stopped all of the questions that were driving me up the wall! Now you can't tell if I'm pregnant, or just ate one too many burritos at lunch! Thank you Breastmates!
Review by beautiful bump

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