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Breastmates will be your most loved maternity store

Maternity Store Online! We have a huge range of pregnancy clothes, maternity lingerie, breast pumps, breastfeeding clothes, and all breastfeeding & bottle feeding products. We're more than just maternity - we're here to support you in motherhood and your feeding choices

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  • Maternity LingerieShop Category

    Maternity Lingerie

    Shop our beautiful collection of maternity lingerie, designed to be worn throughout pregnancy and while breastfeeding.



  • Maternity ClothesShop Category

    Maternity Clothes

    Shopping for maternity clothes is one of the best parts of pregnancy! Breastmates has a reputation for beautiful, stylish, quality pregnancy clothe...

  • Breastfeeding ClothesShop Category

    Breastfeeding Clothes

    We have a great selection of breastfeeding clothes, all cleverly designed with easy nursing access. When you’re feeding baby several times a day, ...

  • WomenswearShop Category


    You don’t have to be pregnant or breastfeeding to feel gorgeous in our selection of womenswear! From original T-shirt designs to colourful skirts t...

  • Breast PumpsShop Category

    Breast Pumps

    Breast pumps can be confusing to the uninitiated, but we’re here to help. We carry the Medela and Avent ranges of breast pumps and are happy to adv...

  • Bottle EquipmentShop Category

    Bottle Equipment

    Whether you are feeding your baby expressed breast milk or infant formula, you’ll need bottle equipment like BPA-free bottles, teats, cleaning equi...

  • Breast PadsShop Category

    Breast Pads

    Our range of soft, comfortable breast pads will save you from embarrassing wet T-shirt moments and protect your nipples. We offer both convenient d...

  • PillowsShop Category


    Breastfeeding pillows can help make breastfeeding more comfortable, easing the strain on your back and neck, and breastfeeding pillows are far easi...

  • Breastfeeding AidesShop Category

    Breastfeeding Aides

    Our selection of high-quality, trusted breastfeeding aids will help prepare you for breastfeeding success and keep you sane in those first few week...

  • Books and DVDsShop Category

    Books and DVDs

    Advice and a bit of humour from the experts – and from mums who have been there! Our books and DVDs are recommended by pregnant women and new mums ...

  • Body CareShop Category

    Body Care

    At Breastmates, we want to encourage and support you to look after yourself. Here are some body care products for mums (and babies) that will pampe...

  • AccessoriesShop Category


    Breastfeeding accessories, pregnancy and new mum necessities, teething jewellery, and clever baby gear that you’ll be so glad you found. All design...

  • Baby GearShop Category

    Baby Gear

    Check out our handpicked selection of must-have baby gear for bath time, bedtime, and when you’re out and about! You’re sure to find a baby shower ...

  • Starting SolidsShop Category

    Starting Solids

    Your baby starting solids is such a milestone, congratulations!! Your baby will start eating solid foods between four and six months of age. Here i...

  • Gift VouchersShop Category

    Gift Vouchers

    If you’re shopping for a special mum-to-be but you don’t know what to buy, or you’re in another town (or country!) and can’t deliver your gift in p...

  • New ItemsShop Category

    New Items

    There are lots of other new products scattered throughout the website. (I haven't figured out how to get them to show on this tab yet!)

  • SaleShop Category


    This is our sale rack area, maybe you can find a bargain

A message from Franny McInnes, owner of Breastmates®

Welcome to Breastmates a one-of-a-kind store for pregnant mums and mums with new babies. I founded Breastmates in 2004 with a single product on trademe! Breastmates has grown into a feeding-centred maternity store and resource for mums, stocking quality maternity brands and our own designs.

It means a lot to me that you have a good shopping experience, and can find just the right products for your needs. You're not "just another customer" when you shop with Breastmates - you are appreciated.

If you need help with anything - breastfeeding, expressing, bottle-feeding, or weaning - Breastmates is here for you.