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Solids Starter Kit

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Solids Starter Kit™

The Solids Starter Kit makes it truly easy to freeze and store big batches of healthy, home-made baby puree and food for older babies.  You can even prepare finger food for Baby Led Weaning and freeze in batches. These unique freezing trays are Mum-designed to help you keep up with your baby's growing appetite.

Each Solids Starter Kit Includes 2 premium freezing trays with lids (42 cubes for maximum storage), and a step-by-step e-guide with 27 recipes to get you started.

  • Save time - freeze up to 42 cubes at once.
  • Super easy release cubes.  Simply press on one end of the cube and it will slide out the other end, its quite fun taking them out as they really do slide off. (don't twist the trays)
  • Each cube of food is about 2 table spoons / 1 Oz.
  • Save space in your freezer with the unique stackable design.
  • Trays and lids 'lock on' to eliminating spills, contamination and freezer burn.
  • The freezer trays are also suitable to pour breast milk into for freezing and storage.

Made in New Zealand.

The Solids Starter Kit trays have been specially designed for freezing baby food (Australian accredited), they are made in New Zealand from non-toxic, virgin polypropylene - PP5 - and are top-shelf dishwasher safe. Material of the trays are certified to be free of any phthalates or BPA.

The cost of the Solids Starter Kit equates to about 1 week's worth of store-bought processed baby food. Parents often use their Solids Starter kit for 6 months or more, enjoying tremendous savings in their baby food costs.

Manufacturer:  Mumi and Bubi
Materials:  BPA Free (Polypropylene) made in NZ

Customer Reviews 14 item(s)

Love these for freezing baby food!
Excellent design as it is very easy to get frozen the food blocks out in their small portions. The portions are great for my baby. She eats about two blocks per meal so I can defrost two different blocks of different foods and mix them together. Great size and shape - nice and flat for easy storage in the freezer and good for stacking on top of each other.
Review by Carla
perfect for ice cubes
I’m using these for ice cube trays. These are the best ice cube trays I have ever used. I have tried aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and silicone. I hated all of them. This is non-toxic. The covers are very nice and keep the liquid inside. The trays have not taken on any weird flavors or smells. The cubes are 1 ounce each. Great for any kind of a drink. They slide right out of the tray with virtually no effort. Of course, this would be great for making your own baby food too. I plan on purchasing another set so I can use them to freeze cooking items like pesto, chicken stock, fruit ice cubes, etc. This item has many uses. Very highly recommended purchase.
Review by latatat
Awesome product
I am really happy with this kit. The food trays are a great size and stack perfectly in the freezer. Food comes out easily once you run it under hot water and are in good portions. Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to store home made baby food.
Review by Charly
So easy!
The trays are too easy Franny .. love them and Jessica's veges are already in them in the freezer!
Review by Anita
Worth it
I thought this was a tad expensive for what is essentially ice cube trays with a lid but having searched around for some and not finding any in the shops, this has made my life much easier. I now have a freezer full of baby food in little cubes!!
Review by Alice
Really handy!
I bought these trays as they looked like a good size for starting bub out on solids and BPA free while made in NZ. Great product and have had a lot of use since starting solids. Makes the whole process a lot easier and more convenient. Definitely recommend
Review by Nicola
Solids Starter Kit, well worth the price!
Like others I thought these trays seemed a bit pricey at first... Now having used them, I think they are simply priceless! After initially twitting around with regular ice cube trays I took advice of a friend and bought these... I've never looked back. They are so simple to use. The curved cube shape makes food easy to remove and also means very easy cleaning. Awsome product, (love the fact that they're Kiwi Made to!).
Review by Katherleen
Solids Starting Kit
This product is great. I was a bit hesitant at first with the price (vs just freezing in plain ice cube trays) but I found they were so easy to use and clean. Love how they're BPA free! Makes life easy. Thanks
Review by Pam
Solids starter kit
I brought this product just after my daughter started solids and have now been using it for a couple of months. The cubes are much easier to remove from these trays than standard ice cube trays and they hold more too! Is easy to remove the cubes, I usually run some warm water over the bottom of the tray to help them slide out easier and then store the cubes in freezer bags making it easy to remove a couple of cubes of food as needed. This also means you can have a selection of foods in the freezer. Fantastic product, great for a first time mum like me to make feeding solids easier. Thanks =)
Review by Tasha
Can use for freezing breastmilk
I got these so I could freeze breast milk. They are perfect as safely BPA free as well as being covered. Just need to dunk the bottom in some warm water to help get the cubes out easier. Will be able to use them when baby goes onto solids as well. Are a little expensive but I couldn't find any other BPA free ice cube trays.
Review by Kaylie
Awesome product
So easy to use! I was really nervous about making my own baby food but now that I got this product and gave it a go, it's actually really easy and great because I dont mix foods then freeze them, but freeze them by themselves then every day I choose a combo to defrost for him so he has different meals. Would recommend to anyone weaning bubs.
Review by Michelle
Starting Solids Kit
My son started solids a couple of weeks ago and I've found this set to be AWESOME. I love the fact that each cube is 30ml which is quite a bit bigger than your normal ice cube tray and with 42 cubes you can freeze over a litre of pureed food. They stack great in the freezer. I have frozen a selection of individual fruit and veges and put them into zip lock bags and now when its feeding time I just pop a few out and microwave them - cheap and easy and you can mix and match foods easily. When its time to introduce a new food I may just mix in one cube with something they are familiar with and then as they get used to it I put more in. Easy to clean and very durable. I have been recommending this to all the mums I meet!
Review by Vanessa
Now made in New Zealand
Hi Tania. Since you purchased the product, it is now being made in New Zealand. It comes with an e-guide recipe book that you can download. Oh I'm sorry that one broke, it is recommended that you just push the cubes out at one end - DONT twist them. We'll contact the supplier on your behalf and sort out a replacement.
Review by Breastmates
Great product!
I found the solids starter set absolutely brilliant when starting my little girl on solids. The recipe book is fantastic and gives great ideas on what to start your little person on - which as a first time mum, with absolutely no idea, I found this so useful. Only downside was letting my husband empty the trays one evening and having him break one in half when he attempted to get the frozen cubes out like a 'conventional' ice cube tray... silly man! I highly recommend these!
Review by Tania

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