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Solids Starter Kit

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Solids Starter Kit™

The Solids Starter Kit makes it truly easy to freeze and store big batches of healthy, home-made baby puree and food for  babies. You can even prepare finger food for Baby Led Weaning and freeze in batches. These unique freezing trays are Mum-designed to help you keep up with your baby's growing appetite.

The frozen cubes are super easy to release from the tray.  Simply press on one end of the cube and it will slide out the other end, its quite fun taking them out as they really do slide off. (don't twist the trays)

Each Solids Starter Kit Includes 2 premium freezing trays with lids (42 cubes for maximum storage), and then you can download a step-by-step e-guide with 27 recipes to get you started.

  • Save time - freeze up to 42 cubes at once.
  • Each cube of food is about 2 tablespoons / 1 Oz.
  • Save space in your freezer with the unique stackable design.
  • Trays and lids 'lock on' to eliminating spills, contamination and freezer burn.
  • The freezer trays are also suitable to pour breast milk into for freezing and storage.
  • Made in New Zealand.

The Solids Starter Kit trays have been specially designed for freezing baby food (Australian accredited), they are made in New Zealand from non-toxic, virgin polypropylene - PP5 - and are top-shelf dishwasher safe. Material of the trays are certified to be free of any phthalates or BPA.

The cost of the Solids Starter Kit equates to about 1 week's worth of store-bought processed baby food. Parents often use their Solids Starter kit for 6 months or more, enjoying tremendous savings in their baby food costs.

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