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NUK Latex Teats

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2 Pack

The NUK Classic Neck Latex Teat features the special, orthodontic NUK shape in a standard neck size.  These teats have been used successfully around the world for over 60 years. 

The shape of the teat is unique, designed to mimic mother's nipple during breastfeeding and to optimally fit baby's oral cavity while using the correct tongue muscles and jaw action for suckling.

The flexible and stretchy latex teat flattens and mimics the same way mothers nipple changes when inside baby's mouth.  Latex is soft and feels like skin - not slippery like Silicone.

The teat also features an antic-colic air system, which allows air to flow into the bottle through a vent, stopping baby swallowing air and helping to prevent colic.

Fits narrow neck size bottles such as Nuk, Medela, Weego, Evenflo, Unimom.

* TIP to help your baby adjust to bottle feeding, which is often a difficult and stressful time, we recommend that you boil  the teat in milk (cow's milk is fine) for 2-3 minutes before first use.  This will help acceptance with baby.

2 Pack. 
 You need to choose the teat size based on the age of your baby (0-6months, or 6 months older), and then choose the teat based on the main liquid type that you are feeding.

  • Small - suitable for thin liquids such as breast milk or water
  • Medium - suitable for milk and formula
  • Large - cross cut feed hole suitable for thicker feed consistencies and hungry babies!

NOTE For safety and hygiene purposes replace teat after 1-2 months use. Sterilise using steam, (Milton Tablets, dishwasher and electric sterilisation is not recommended as this can cause material damage). DO NOT leave the teat in water - remove after boiling and dry.

Manufacturer:  NUK
Materials:  Latex. BPA (Bisphenol A) free

Customer Reviews 3 item(s)

Amazing!!!!! I have spent a lot of money on different brands of teats and bottles and my baby is not a fan of ANY! She is all for her mama, which is absolutely rewarding but also hard right? Me as a mama needed abit of time out so I tried the Nuk teat... life saver!!! It took abit of hard constant work but she finally took it! Now I know she loves the Nuk latex teat I can venture out and purchase a proper bottle to go with! Thank you Breastmates !!
Review by Winni
bubs likes these ones
I have tried a lot of teats, but always go back to Nuk teat as they are sturdier, anti-colic, and have slower flow so she can suckle away happily on them in her own time.
Review by Dot
a lifesaver
I literally got new bottles and teats in the mail today and after an hour and a half of perseverance baby finally decided to take his bottle! After 1month of trying i am so relieved! thankyou for your advice and products!
Review by SK

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