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Nose Frida

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Nose Frida - Nasal Aspirator

This is a godsend when your baby has a cold, and has difficulty breathing and feeding.  Its not as gross as it sounds.  NO snot comes into contact with mum.

Place the large tube against the child's nostril, creating a seal.  Use the red mouthpiece to create suction to bring out the snot. TIPS: Move the tube in a circular motion against the nostril - you will hear and see the mucus coming out of the nose. A few drops of saline solution in each nostril will help loosen thick mucus before using Nosefrida.

Only use NoseFrida for nasal aspiration.
Do not blow air into the red mouthpiece while tube is placed at child's nostril.  Never attached NoseFrida to a machine.


Manufacturer:  Nose Frida made in Sweden

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it works!!
Sounds really gross but man it worked! We used to use an aspirator but this was miles better. Absolute god send especially when you are trying to get little ones to sleep
Review by Nicola
Not just for colds!
Got this in case of colds as bubs was due in winter. Tried it out when I couldn't clear her nostril and it worked so well I tried it just when I heard her snuffling during feeding. Cleared out so much more than I knew was there and she feeds much much better with no snuffling afterwards. Does take quite a bit of work to clear the noisy breathing at times but it's totally worth it to have bubs breathing easily and feeding without breaks to breathe :) recommend this for every bub! The bulbs simply don't compare
Review by Catherine
not as bad as you think to use it
the thought of this grossed me out but we got desperate to ease conjestion in baby. The snot just stays at the end of the pen shaped thing, it doesn't come anywhere near me!
Review by Tracey
We didn't think we could do it. Then found it so amazingly helpful and now use it all the time to clear little blocked noses. A must have for all parents.
Review by Tabitha
We have one & it's fantastic! Especially at this time of year where all 3 of my kids have runny/blocked noses. They're not quite able to really blow their noses properly yet, so this is fantastic. Squirt a bit of saline & then suck & all the nastiness is gone (temporarily ).
Review by kelly
I bought this one for a friend.. I have been delighted with my one - it helps so much for getting improved breathing for breastfeeding and sleeping. Way easier to use than the bulb type ones.
Review by Cynthia

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