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Medela Swing Breast Pump

$329.00 NZD

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Medela Swing Electric Breast Pump is a very efficient and quiet breast pump.

The Medela Swing has the unique 2-Phase Expression - an advanced pumping pattern that mimics a baby's natural nursing rhythm. The Stimulation Mode mimicks your baby's initial rapid sucking to start your milk flowing, and the Expression Mode simulates your baby's slower deeper sucks to express your milk gently and efficiently.

  • - One touch let down button for faster milk flow.
  • - You can set the vacuum level to suit your own comfort level.
  • - Convenient, easily fits into a handbag
  • - Electric or Battery Powered
  • - Efficient, adjustable speed and vacuum
  • - Comfortable
  • - Quiet (!) it justs makes a humming noise in the background so you could actually talk on the phone while using it.


The Swing Breast Pump is recommended for regular frequent daily use. Such as 3 to 4 times per day. Also a great medela pump to have for occasional use because it is so nice to use, quick, quiet, comfortable, and easy.

This medela swing pump comes with Personal Fit Breastshield size M, 150mL Bottle, Bottle Stand, Motor, Power Cord, Tubing, Valve and Membrane

Two year warranty on motor and power unit.

We also have spare parts for Swing Breast Pump - if you ever need them.

View our little demonstration so that you can see and hear the pump.


Manufacturer:  Medela
Materials:  BPA Free

Customer Reviews 15 item(s)

Medela Swing
Pump arrived today. Was using a manual breast pump which I found so time consuming with little reward, the swing pump is the complete opposite! Easy to assemble, clean and use. Very happy thank you.
Review by Shelley
Medela swing
I stayed in hospital for 7days for bubs jaundice which also gave me time to establish breast feeding him as I had a slightly inverted nipple, i needed all the help i could get! .I brought this pump before bubs arrived thinking oh I won't needed it for ages! Turned out I needed it on our first day at home to help get the nipple out! I never thought I would have trouble feeding but the Medela swing made it easy because the hospital I was at also used Medela. Would highly recommend as its easy to use and clean also comes with the Calma teat and is cheaper here at Breastmates !
Review by Dee
medela swing
regret not getting medela swing earlier..had tough 4months without this pump..finally im glad that i purchased baby purchase.
Review by kavitha
Medela Swing
Best purchase I made for my #2 :-) Problems with his weight gain and feeding has meant lots of expressing. I have managed to keep my son now 7 months exclusively breastfed thanks to the efficiency of this model. Worth every cent.
Review by Helen
Medela Swing
Best baby related purchase I've made! My daughter is physically unable to breast feed so this had been great in ensuring she still gets breast milk
Review by Rachael
medela swing
Couldnt live without it. The best baby purchase I made!
Review by Emma
Highly recommended!
I purchased one of these prior my last baby & made great use of it. I had a lot of nipple problems initially, so being able to pump & let Dad or Grandma give bubs a feed gave me some healing time, or even the occassional earlier night! It was gentle yet relatively fast. I think if it wasn't for this pump, I wouldn't have been able to perservere with feeding - 17mths in the end! At times I could appreciate why some may "upgrade" to the double version, but I was very happy with my purchase. I found it great to help increase milk supply & a saviour if a blocked duct/infection is suspected/brewing. It's great that you can easily get spare parts & is relatively easy to clean/sterilise. I didn't have any problems with flooding. I am so glad I have this pump tucked away, ready to go for the impending arrival of our next bub in the next month. If you are thinking you might like to pump - just buy this one straight up!
Review by Simone
Excellent Pump
I purchased a manual breast pump while pregnant thinking it would be handy to use every now and then, but then I had a lot of problems establishing breast feeding and found I was using it every day. We then decided to buy the Medela Swing Pump and it is well worth it!! Saved my life! I'm glad we spent the money. My baby is now just over 4 months and I still use it everyday. I got mastitis a few weeks back and don't think I would've been able to work thru it if it hadn't been for this pump. Highly reccommend.
Review by Natalie.
Good product
This was very helpful to have on hand when I came back from hospital and by nipples were VERY sore so I was able to express and feed my baby from a bottle for several of his feeds until could be on the breast again. Found it very easy to use and very light and not much noise. Only thing is that I find you have to stand up and pump or at least you have to pay attention as otherwise very easy for milk to go the wrong way and get in the tubes and batteries. I did that a couple of times. However, I called Frances and she helped me straight away with sorting out how to unblock the pump and get it working again and now its all going fine. EXCELLENT customer service as always!
Review by Claire
Saved me!
We purchased this (not from breastmates) but from a store, paid more.. but it was absolutely worth it. We purchased it prior to having our baby, and when milk came in at 3 days post birth - IT SAVED ME! So easy to use, despite being sleep deprived and a first time mum.. easy to clean, quiet (my husband slept thru beside me)
Review by Jess
Medela Swing Breast Pump
Excellant breast pump. Unfortunately i didnt know about this website when/before i had my baby girl (6 weeks prem)... i could have saved alot of money buying from Breastmates rather then from in the shop. highly recommend this pump to anyone! especially mothers with prem babies.
Review by Kayla
Medala swing
Fantastic pump! Would highly recommend. Also very impressed with the service and follow up. Pump arrived promptly and on the day I requested. Thanks! Shirvani
Review by Shirvani
Medula Swing
Great product and great service from Breastmates - very impressed with the service. Quick and easy and so cheap compared to the shops. Thanks heaps!
Review by Lara
Nice product, easy to use. I learned that step 3 in assembly instructions is very important to prevent flooding of pump.(ie attaching valve/membrane in SIDEWAYS position to connector) Friendly, knowledgeable service. Much cheaper here than in the shops and delivered to my door!
Review by Penny
Ssssuper Swing breast pump
What was I thinking not getting this pump in the first place? It is so easy to use and saves me lot of times. I used to have shoulder and neck pain from using the manual pump, not only that, I also got sore hand from constant pressing. 30 minutes job can be done in 10 min!
Review by Wanshan

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