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Medela Personal Fit Funnel

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The breastshield is the part of the pump collection kit that fits directly over your nipple and forms a seal around the areola.   It's very important that you have a correctly fitting breast shield,  in terms of both comfort and how much milk you can express.  The breastshield should tightly close around your nipple, while still leaving enough room for it to move back and forth.    More information on checking the size of your breastshield

All Medela breast pumps are originally sold with a 24mm (M) standard size breastshield, which suits most women.  

The sizing refers to the diameter of the funnel opening, the small part that your nipple goes into, and we have some spare breastshields available in different sizes.

  • Small 21 mm
  • Medium 24 mm
  • Large 27 mm
  • XL 30 mm
  • XXL 36 mm

* Sold as 1 single breastshield funnel only*

Suitable for all Medela Breast Pumps.  We also have spare Medela Connector's if you need this piece to connect the breastshield to your bottle.

Breastshield Sizes

Manufacturer:  Medela

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Thank You!
Awesome customer service. Also if anyone is contemplating getting a different size just do it! When I was pumping I was in so much pain I was gritting my teeth and just only bearing it, I thought it was because pumping was just painful in general but it's not now that I've got the right size! Thank you Breastmates.
Review by Brit
thank you so much!!!
I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for your facebook post on whether your breastshield is comfortable. I had no idea I was using the wrong size! Even three months on I still find breastfeeding a bit uncomfortable so I thought nothing of the fact that pumping was a bit uncomfortable too. But I bought the smaller size off you, tried it out last night and my goodness what a difference! So thank you so very much for making my breastfeeding journey just a little easier!
Review by Andrea
Thank you so quick
Your website had the best priced Medela accessories by far in NZ and the service was so quick- this was really appreciated as I needed to the part to my breast pump ASAP
Review by Laura

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