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Medela Personal Fit Breastshield -24mm

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Medela Breast Pump Parts - Breastshield - Size 24mm Medium

The breastshield is the part of the pump collection kit that fits directly over your nipple and forms a seal around the areola. It's very important that you have a correctly fitting breast shield, in terms of both comfort and how much milk you can express. The breastshield should tightly close around your nipple, while still leaving enough room for it to move back and forth.   It might pay to check the Size Guide information

All Medela breast pumps are originally sold with a 24mm (M) standard size breastshield in the boxed set, which suits most women.     If you have tried this size that came with your pump, and simply need the same item replacement - then this is the 24mm.

This product listing is size 24mm Medium

We also have available other size options: Small 21mm  Medium 24 mm   Large 27 mm  XL 30 mm   XXL 36 mm

* Sold as 1 single breastshield funnel only. 


Size Guide

Choosing the right Breastshield size for your Medela Pump


For maximum comfort and pumping efficiency, Medela pumps have five breast shield sizes available to suit all women.  This guide below is a starting point, to help you determine your optimal shield size based on your nipple diameter.

Remember the one that comes with the boxed set is 24mm.  (unfortuantely we can't swap the sizes in a box set, and we don't allow returns on these breast pump parts after they have been used).


Reasons to Try a New Size

* Does your nipple rub the tunnel sides to the point of causing discomfort?

* Do you see excessive areola being pulled into the tunnel?

* Do you see redness?

* Is your nipple or areola turning white?

* Do you feel unexpressed milk after pumping.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, consider trying a new size by following the measuring instructions above. 


Small 21 mm  Medium 24 mm  Large 27 mm  XL 30 mm   XXL 36 mm

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