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Medela Harmony Manual Breast Pump

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The Medela Harmony breast pump is ideal for mothers who only express milk occasionally and do not want to miss the usual feel of breastfeeding their baby.

Recommended for occasional infrequent use. Such as an evening away from your baby or missed feeding (such as once or twice a week).

Features 2-Phase Expression pumping that mimics baby's nursing rhythm. It pumps in two distinct modes: Stimulation & Expression which help to make expressing your milk a quick process.

With the specially designed handle, you start off doing short fast expressions which stimulates the milk let down, just like how a baby sucks. Then when you feel milk letdown and it starts to spray in the bottle, you turn the handle around and the pump goes into a longer slower motion.

  • - Designed for faster "let-down" and milk flow
  • - Ergonomic swivel handle for easy pumping

This boxed set comes with 1 manual breastpump and stand, 1 bottle, 1 bottle cap


We have recorded a little home video below, to demonstrate how this works.


Manufacturer:  Medela
Materials:  BPA Free

Customer Reviews 6 item(s)

awesome pump
i had one of these when my first was little. i had a huge milk supply so would express a little before feeds and after feeds for comfort and so i have something as backup if i needed it. i started off with a cheap one but it leaked and hurt and i was wasting my milk in the process. once i got one of these expressing was a dream. so simple to use and comfortable. i also used it when i had mastitis with my second baby after each feed to try clear the "clog" and after 24 hours i was feeling heaps better
Review by Esme
The best pump!
I was very lucky to win this and it’s just the best! One night very early on I tried to express with another very well known brand and got nothing out and it hurt too much so I opened this one and it was great! I have now sold the other one and only use this one!
Review by Nicola
Great Pump
I also use this pump at least once a day. Is comfortable to use and I have never had a sore hand or wrist from use (and my daughter is now 3.5 months). Excellent value as since I only pump once a day I didn't want to spend the money on an electric pump.
Review by Kez
This was ideal
Although the above description recommends using it for occasional infrequent use, I have this pump and am using it on a daily basis and have for the past month. The Softfit Breastsheild is really comfortable- even when I had a nipple infection it still wasn't painful to pump. Its really easy to use and I would definitely recommend this to others.
Review by Em
Awesome manual pump
I used this pump fairly frequently (one or twice daily) for the first 6 months of my wee mans life. I never got cramp in my hand or fingers and it is super easy to clean! I was advised to use a pump to increase my milk production and also gave me some space away from baby ie. gave dad a turn!
Review by Amelia
Don't buy a cheap unknown brand electric one from trademe, spend a bit more and buy this. I should have gotten this with my first babe would have saved myself many battles, sore nipples and would have actually gotten some milk out!
Review by Dianne

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