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Medela FreeStyle Breast Pump

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Medela FreeStyle is the world's smallest double electric breast pump.

This pump is recommended for mothers who are committed to breastfeeding, and need to express milk frequently for a long term duration for their child. This is a super fast, small, and quiet breast pump that is fabulous to use.

The great new features designed into this pump include

  • -Rechargeable battery allows for 3 hours of pumping time per charge
  • -Small and lightweight - weighs less than 1 pound and can fit in the palm of your hand
  • -2-Phase Expression technology
  • -powerful pumping that is proven to mimic a baby's natural nursing pattern and get more milk in less time
  • -LCD screen, digital display and timer
  • -lit screen provides a digital display that can also be used as a nightlight for those late pumping sessions
  • -Memory for your settings so that you can use the same comfortable settings the next time you express.
  • -Cute tote bag
  • -Two year warranty

Includes 2 PersonalFit breastshields, 4 x 150mL bottles and lids, Chilly bag with shaped cooling element, "CityStyle" large carry bag, Power cord & charger, 1 Rechargeable battery

View our little video to see and hear how the breast pump works.

We also have spare parts for Freestyle Pump - if you ever need them.

Manufacturer:  Medela
Materials:  BPA Free

Customer Reviews 5 item(s)

Worth it
If you are doing alot of pumping Id recommend this pump. I would put on loads of washing or feed my baby whilst pumping (i also bought the medela hands free bra). It was great as I felt I wasnt hooked up to the machine in one place, and theres things to do! I liked the fact that I could take this with me while Im out & about and pump in the car or in the ladies room. Its really powerful though you do not need to use a high pump setting to get enough milk (i wouldnt recommend it either if you pump alot - just ouch!) Only thing to remember is to replace the parts frequently if you use it often & wash it carefully... just look after the pump (like any ol pump), otherwise it wont be as efficient.
Review by Lesh
Medela Freestyle
We bought this pump after a failed attempt at breastfeeding had left me expressing every 2 hours with a single pump and I was barely getting a chance to clean the pump pieces before having to restart the pumping/feeding via bottle cycle again. I cannot state just how reassuring Franny was to my hubby as he rang and asked a tonne of questions before getting the pump to us within 48hours (from memory -may have been quicker). The pump itself cut my expressing time by 2/3rds and allowed me to continue expressing till my daughter was 4months old - a huge feat due to ongoing health issues. After a breast reduction 5years prior I was unsure if I would even be able to produce milk let alone be able to feed my daughter. Purchasing this pump allowed me to do so and was worth every cent. The service received from Breastmates far exceeded that provided from retail chains and gave us the confidence to make, what at the time felt like, a huge decision to pursue expressing. For anyone contemplating expressing full time for whatever reason I highly recommend this pump. It saves so much precious time just when you really need it :)
Review by Catherine Donaldson
Medela Freestyle
After having to relactate using the Medela Symphony I was a little apprehensive about whether the Freestyle would be as good and maintain my supply (I have to express every two hours). It has been wonderful and I would highly recommend it. The battery is such a great feature as I am now not bound to the house having to plug in to express every two hours! I work in an office with four guys and none of them mind me in my baggy t-shirt pumping away. It's quieter than other pumps I tried, but not as quiet as the Symphony. It only takes 10 minutes to express which is great. I was initially using the Avent Out and About set but it has nothing on the Medela Freestyle. It would take me 20 minutes to get the same amount of milk and it was louder too. It is pricier than the other pumps but definitely worth the investment if you're committed to breastmilk.
Review by Ems
Medela Pump
I purchased this Medela Freestyle Pump 6 monhts ago I pump exclusively for my boy as we couldn't get the hang of feeding and just had so many issues - I decided I was committed to breastmilk and invested in this pump not knowing if it would auctually work and this pump makes it work. It's awesome I can hook it on with the hands free kit (not actually hard to use) and wear a large t-shirt over it and nobody minds me being around and I can do dishes, or other light jobs. It's much quieter than the mini pump and even after atleast 2 hours a day pumping for 6 months it's good as gold - this was the one of the top baby items that we have purchased.
Review by Amy
I LOVE my medela freestyle pump, small, fairly quiet and definately efficient. I love how it has a rechargable battery that lasts a long time, its easy to use as well as comfortable. I didnt however like the hands free kit, I could never get it right - so have made my own hands free sports bra by cutting holes in it lol. Its valves are also different to all the other medela pumps so I have not had to replace any parts and I have not had any milk go into the tubing like I had to do/had happen with my medela swing. You can also make it a single breast pump. I highly recommend this pump if you intend to pump for work or exclusive pumping.
Review by Gen

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