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The Comfort Breastshield is soft and gentle for the breast and areola, and is available as an alternative choice to the 'hard plastic' type of breastshields that come with medela pumps.

One size only 24mm

This breastshield  is suitable for all medela breast pumps.  It includes a spare valve and membrane.  You can also use this with your Swing breast pump as the tube can plug in directly.

Please note that this is different to the "SoftFit" Breastshield that comes with the Swing and Harmony pump.  Medela is discontinuing with the SoftFit shield and offer the standard Personal Fit Funnel as the replacement. This Comfort Fit Shield is another option.  This shield is suitable for use with all pumps, including Swing and Harmony.

Manufacturer:  Medela
Materials:  BPA Free

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