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Lactagogue Massage Oil

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Lactagogue Breast Massage Oil, by Weleda

50ml Bottle

Lactagogue oil assists the body's natural healing response to breast congestion and engorgement in nursing mothers.    Use at the first sign of lumpiness to promote proper flow of breast milk.   Breast engorgement requires prompt attention to avoid mastitis.

Dosage: Gently massage into the upper arms and across the back in the morning and evening. Is absorbed through the skin.

Lactagogue oil contains the following herbs: Arnica montana (Arnica), Betula alba (Birch) and Calendula officinalis (Marigold) which help relieve inflammation and congestion. Caraway oil (Carum carvi) - promotes milk secretion.   Lavender oil and Rosemary oil stimulate capillary dilation and blood supply to the area to assist in the relief of congestion.

Each 1g contains: Almond and Olive oil extract, equivalent to dry Arnica montana flowers 19.5mg; Betula alba leaf 26mg; Calendula officinalis herb 6.5mg and essential oils: Caraway oil 100mg; Lavender oil 23.2mg; Rosemary oil 15.5mg.

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