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Freemie Breast Pump

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Freemie Breast Pump

Freemie is the amazing double breast pump which you can wear while pumping (and no-one would know). It's high grade hospital efficient, yet compact, quiet, and wearable with the breastmilk collection shells.     Unlike other breast pumps which are heavy and have visible front flanges which need open clothing and somewhere private to pump,  this one is wearable and breast collection shells sit inside your bra.   Means that you can literally pump anywhere, giving you back your freedom!

The Freemie breast pump is so small it fits in the palm of your hand, pocket, or can clip onto your waistband, and it's sooooooooo quiet - you really won't even notice that it's working other than seeing the milk filling up.  The sealed collection shells sit inside your bra under clothing, and the rechargable unit enables you to be totally portable while pumping.  (Each collection shell can hold 240mL)

The Freemie Breast Pump has hospital-power suction and a closed collection system with internal barrier that prevents milk in the tubing.   It has a programmable shutoff time, and fully adjustable suction so that you can pump at whatever rate is most comfortable.  Also has memory settings so you can easily program the best pump speeds for yourself.    

- The battery is charged using USB  (battery holds enough power for approx 3 x20 minute pumping sessions)

- Suitable for high grade use - such as pumping 10 times per day for exclusive breastfeeding.    

- Very small and very quiet – the most versatile and discreet breast pump system that we've seen at Breastmates.

- discreet rechargeable battery powered

- mobile double electric breast pump

- hands free collection cups

- Programmable sleep timer allows you to set a shutoff time between 5 and 40 minutes

- Hospital power suction for single or double pumping

- Noise reduction technology

- 3 programmable memory buttons. Find and save your favorite speed and suction settings for stimulation, let down, power pumping, or a relaxed pumping mode for easy one-touch access.

Please note this only comes with a USB charger  (not an actual NZ wall plug)

Note from Breastmates: I've sold Medela, Unimom and Avent breast pumps for years but it was after contact with my customer Sheena who was using this breast pump and telling me how much it was changing her life with the ease of pumping.   I had the rep come and visit me and saw all the techie stuff.   But actually, I didn't realise he had turned it on, I couldn't hear it,  I could only see the changes on the suction meter machine.  I've made a video to try and demonstrate just how quiet it is - so check the video tab.   I'm really impressed with it, and I hope it wil help you too!!  

Practice before your first day away from baby. Proper assembly and an effective bra fit are critical for success. Getting started, hold the cups by hand and pay attention to the positioning of the funnels, and the most effective pressure on your breasts. Then try all your bras to find the ones that hold the cups just like your hands for an effective pumping experience.  After pumping, remove the cups and transfer your milk to storage.   

The Freemie Liberty breast pump set includes the Freedom pump with smoothly adjustable suction, along with the following:

4x breastshields (2x25mm and 2x28mm for different size nipples)

2x Barriers

2x Valve bases

3x Valves

2x concealable Collection Cups (each cup holds 230mL)

3x Pieces of tubing

1x Y-Connector

1x Pump Clothing Clip

1x USB charging cord

1x American power wall adapter

1x Compact carry bag

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