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Breast milk storage bags and containers are great for freezing expressed breast milk for future use, and formula powder containers are a convenient option when you’re out and about
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  • Avent Milk Powder Container by Philips Avent

    Avent Milk Powder Container

    Avent Container This handy little container carries three pre-measured portions of formula milk powder in separate compartments (for 3 feeds). So you …

  • Avent Via Cups

    Avent Via Storage Container 10 Pack

    Avent Storage Containers for Expressed Breast Milk - 10 pack @ 180mL size The convenient way to transport, store and feed the best nutrition to your b…

  • Car Bottle Warmer by Cherub Baby

    Car Bottle Warmer

    The Cherub Baby Bottle/Food Warmer is a compact and convenient bottle warmer Warm breast milk, formula and baby food wherever, whenever! Now you never…

  • Kai Carrier (10 pack) by Kai Carrier

    Kai Carrier (10 pack)

    Kai Carrier Reusable Food Pouches with choke proof lids (10 pack of 140mL size)The convenient no mess solution to feeding fresh homemade food on the g…

  • Kai Carrier Funnel by Kai Carrier

    Kai Carrier Funnel

    Are you making homemade baby food and using food pouches? Try this funnel to make them easier to fill! The funnel has a wide opening and are are colla…

  • Medela Bottles

    Medela Bottles 150mL Triple Pack

    Medela Breast Milk Bottles - 150ml size - x 3 Medela make these light and unbreakable bottles which are ideal for collecting, storing, transporting, f…

  • Medela Bottles

    Medela Bottles 250 mL Twin Pack

    Medela Breast Milk Bottles Medela make these light and unbreakable bottles which are ideal for collecting, storing, transporting, freezing and feeding…

  • Medela Calma Teat

    Medela Calma Teat with Bottle

    Medela Calma Teat plus Bottle (includes teat, cap, cover, 1x150mL Bottle) Medela's Calma teat is able to offer a solution which allows your baby to sw…

  • Medela Haberman Bottle

    Medela Haberman Bottle

    The Medela Haberman Feeder helps ease feeding complications. For babies with nursing difficulties, particularly children with cleft lip/palate, weak b…

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    Breastmates Milk Stash  kit

    Milk Stash Kit

    We've prepared this "Milk Stash Kit" for mums that are building up a supply of breastmilk in the freezer. Everything you need to boost milk, pump milk…

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