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Chu Chu Teat (3 pack)

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Chu Chu teats work the same way as a nipple. The milk only flows out when the baby sucks and latches like on a breast.  The normal breastfeeding pattern is for baby to take the mother's nipple right up to the areola and suck hard to obtain milk. With the Chu Chu teat, baby takes the teat right up to the pseudo areola. The milk hole is in the centre of the teat making baby suck hard to obtain milk.  Ordinary teats have the hole at the top, causing baby to obtain milk too easily and then often not returning breastfeeding.

The Chu Chu teat will allow mother to switch between breast and bottle feeding without too many problems.

  • -No nipple confusion
  • -Baby controls the milk flow due to the cross-cut hole
  • -Special air valve provides constant air flow reducing the possibility of colic
  • -Made from a transparent, medical grade silicone that is heat resistant, non-toxic and odourless.

These teats are narrow neck size and will fit standard narrow neck bottles . Such as our Medela bottles in 150mL and 250mL size, and our Unimom bottles.  You may need to get the Medela yellow screw lid for it to attach to the bottle neck. They do not fit Avent, Mam, NUK, Closer to Nature.  If you are using a Medela "calma" style of bottle and want to use a ChuChu teat - then you will need to get the  Medela yellow screw lid in order for it to fit.

NOTE For safety and hygiene purposes replace teat after 1-2 months use, or depending on wear. Inspect teat before each use. Sterilise using steam, or boiling water in a pot.  BUT Milton Tablets, and electric sterilisation isnot recommended as this can cause material damage.

Read our other tips for help on starting bottles


Manufacturer:  Chu Chu
Materials:  Silicone

Customer Reviews 24 item(s)

Work well
Our daughter has taken well to these and no problems with breastfeeding as well.
Just slightly more tricky to clean -but pretty good
Review by Bronwyn
When my children were little I use to buy these teats for them they have change style a little bit but still work the same. Now I have a granddaughter I could not believe that the shops don't sell them. So had a look on line and was very happy they are still available, I just love these teats as the baby has to suck to get the milk and fantastic if you give them water as it does not keep pouring out and stops them from choking. I would recommend these teats for new Mother's with baby's.
Review by Robyn
taken to them well
The chu chu teats that I bought in June are fantastic (wish I'd known about these with baby number one!). My little boy has taken to them really well, so that I may be able to leave him with my mother in law for a couple of hours and get some child free jobs done... other wise he spends ALOT of time breast feeding!
Review by Katy
They work a treat!
The chuchu teats I got for my fussy 5 month old are working a treat! He knows how to take a bottle now much to my (and dad's) delight!
Review by Katrina Tan
for fussy baby
So glad that Ruth (my lactation consultant) recommended those teats and I'm keen to try as my baby has gotten quite fussy, they are working great
Review by Amy
Chu chu teats
Wonderful product. My child doesn't like any other nipple.
Review by Jas
I thought you would like to know that I had great success with the chu chu teats which were suggested by Plunket to help my baby breast feed. She had been started on bottles initially as she couldn't latch and two weeks down the line I was having lots of difficulty getting her to breast feed. After 24 hours of using the teats, I tried her again at the breast and she just got it! That was over a week ago and we haven't looked back since! I have told the other mums in my coffee group and my midwife.
Review by Mariri
Just wanted to let you know that the chu chu teat seems to be working, thank god. I'm back to work in two weeks and have been persisting with bottles for ages and this one seems to be it. I'll probably place another order over the next few days!
Review by Melissa
Feeding babies with Cleft Lip / palate
Often good for feeding babies with cleft lip/ palate
Review by Pam
This is the only teat my daughter would take (tried a few). 3 months on and she's still not that keen on bottles (loves the real stuff) but works well for the daytime while I'm at work. Definitely worth a try if you haven't had success with other.
Review by Chelle
High recommended!
We bought this teat out of sheer desperation: I struggle with low milk supply & we had to use formula top up & EBM right from the beginning. We weren't keen on him forgetting how to feed from the breast however. 11 weeks on, he switches between breast & bottle with no problems. Chuchu teats saved the day!! (And the parents' sanity!)
Review by Fiona
Chu chu teat
I bought this teat from here probably a month ago and it works beautifully for my bubba. She has no problems switching from bottle to breast or vice versa. Initially, she refused to take a bottle at all. Tried quite a few different ones and atlast settled on this one. I was quite apprehensive at first but my little one got used to it very quickly ... took about 3 or 4 tries to get started and now she just guzzles away.
Review by Jasmine
ChuChu teat
These are fantastic! Although it was some years ago now,I couldn't get my son to take a bottle at all when I needed to back to work. Tried every teat on the market to no avail - finally found this one at a Plunket house. It totally saved my sanity :-)
Morag Colston
Review by Morag Colston
Chu Chu Teat
Great product! As new Mum who tried her hardest to breastfeed but has been unsuccessful I found these teats great when feeding my wee man EBM as there was no confusion for him. Now I have stopped breastfeeding I am still bottle feeding him with these teats so he doesn't guzzle his milk down too fast!
Review by Lauren
Chu Chu Teat
Awesome product! Never heard of them before seeing them on this website so thought I would give them a go, and love it. Just started expressing occasionally so bubs (10 wks) can get used to the bottle as well as breastfeeding and he took it first time. Wished I had known about them for our first wee boy once he went on to the bottle. Brilliant and highly recommended.
Review by Helen
Chu Chu teat
My son has been using these for approximately 1 month starting at 1 month old and they're the only teats he has no trouble using. He takes control and can stop/start with ease. Great product, highly recommend.
Review by Leigh
Chu Chu Teat
We have been using these for about 6 months and have really loved them. My son is now 9 months and the only problem we have found is that the cross cut has split right out to the edges so the milk now comes really fast and spills when the bottle is upside down. Saying that, we have used these teats a lot and it is likely just general over use. We will just buy a couple more :)
Review by Jen
Chu Chu teats
Chu Chu teats are the best! My 7 week old drinks from them just like she breast feeds - has little breaks every now & then, sucks the teat right up & works hard to get the milk out. Had to stop using normal teats as she was having breast latching issues - but no problem now! Yay thanks for the great product.
Review by Kym
ChuChu Teat
This is literally the ONLY teat that my son will take EBM from and we have tried just about every other teat out there!! Have found it easy to switch between breast and bottle with this teat (meaning nana can finally babysit!! hooray!) Baby controls the flow rate meaning for my son who is used to an overactive letdown, he can take the milk as fast or as slow as he likes. Awesome product!
Susannah Teeboon
Review by Susannah Teeboon
Chu Chu Teat
We love this teat!!! Was really concerned about nipple confusion, but wanted to introduce a bottle, so when I go back to work part-time in 6 months or so our daughter is happy to have a bottle. This teat solves the problem! It's the only teat my lactation consultant recommends, which is a big thumbs up in my opinion.
Vanessa Waight
Review by Vanessa Waight
chu chu teat
These teats have been fantastic for my son. I used them from early on and they are really like a nipple. Baby controls the milk flow and can comfort suck and get milk as quickly as they want. I highly recommend them.
kath weir
Review by kath weir
they work great
Thank you for shipping that off so promptly, excellent service! I have already chatted about your website to my mother's group (we all have recently given birth and have babies that are 5-6 weeks old). Your online shop will be my one-stop shop for my baby needs :) I also really appreciate the advice you gave me about how to set up the Chu Chu teats, they worked fantastically! We had been trying the Medela teats but they were far too large. Dad can now feed bubs in a calm and relaxing manner!
Review by Melissa
chu chu teat
These teats are fantastic, after having a long battle with breastfeeding sore cracked nipples, baby not gaining weight I had to continue to breastfeed plus top her up with a botte, but struggled with nipple confusion and pulling of, she was trying to use me like a bottle after being bottle feed, my friend gave me one of these to try. All I can say is I'm totally satisfied an so is my baby no more confusion, sore cracked nipples. Happy baby happy mummy! Recommended if your a struggling breastfeeding/nipple confusion mummy. Thanks breast mates
Review by Kelly Hook
Great for newbies
We used the chuchu teats till our boy was about 4 months. After a huge struggle breast feeding I started expressing full time and feeding with bottles. I was using the Medela Symphony hospital grade pump so we needed a teat to go with the medela bottles, through breast mates we found out about the chu chu teats (bizarre but medela don't sell teats in NZ). Baby got the knack of the chuchu really quickly (he struggled with other brands). Once he got a bit older and it became clear that he wasn't going to be breastfed again as I'd hoped we ended up switching to other teats. The main problem we had was that the cross cut would split after a while. This became a bigger issue as he got bigger and stronger and started chugging his milk back and chewing on them. They are definitely a great teat for newbies.
Review by Shelley

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