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Chu Chu Teat (3 pack)

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Chu Chu teats work the same way as a nipple. The milk only flows out when the baby sucks and latches like a breast, the milk won't drip out unless baby is sucking correctly. The normal breastfeeding pattern is for baby to take the mother's nipple right up to the areola and suck hard to obtain milk.

With the Chu Chu teat, baby takes the teat right up to the pseudo areola. The milk hole is cross-cut and located at the centre of the teat making baby suck hard to obtain milk. Ordinary teats have the hole at the top, and it flows out regardless of sucking action - which causes baby to obtain milk too easily, getting lazy, and then often not returning to the actions for breastfeeding.

The Chu Chu teat will allow mother to switch between breast and bottle feeding without too many problems.

Our Top Teat Recommendation: We've had a lot of stressed parents with fussy babies rejecting bottles and teats.  Out of all the teats in our range - we have the most success rates with these ones.

Triple Pack- 3 Teats

- No nipple confusion

- Baby controls the milk flow due to the cross-cut hole

- One size suits all babies - as they are controlling the flowrate themselves with their tongue

- Special air valve provides constant air flow reducing the possibility of colic

- Made from a transparent, medical grade silicone that is heat resistant, non-toxic and odourless.

These teats are narrow neck size and will fit standard narrow neck bottles . Such as our Medela bottles and Unimom bottles. You may need to get the Medela yellow screw lid for it to attach to the bottle neck. They do not fit Avent, Mam, NUK, Closer to Nature. If you are using a Medela "calma" style of bottle and want to use a ChuChu teat - then you will need to get the Medela yellow screw lid in order for it to fit.  Diameter is ~3.8cm


For safety and hygiene purposes replace teat after 1-2 months use, or depending on wear. Inspect teat before each use. Sterilise using steam, or boiling water in a pot.  Milton Tablets, and electric sterilisation is not recommended as this can cause material damage.

Read our other tips for help on starting bottles


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